Radha Ravi attacks Khushboo, Vadivelu & Vijayakanth

Radha Ravi
Readers might be aware that actor Radha Ravi, the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam, is a staunch supporter of Amma and her party’s ideals.
The actor, who has curtailed his filmy commitments to a large extent in recent times, spoke on many wide-ranging issues including films and politics at a public meeting organized by the Nagercoil wing of the ruling AIADMK.

“Those who said they’d wipe off AIADMK prior to last year’s Assembly elections have all dissolved into thin air and have been decimated by the people’s mandate in favour of Amma. Founded by the late Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, our party is immortal. Amma has been implementing many welfare schemes for the people including giving away free lap-tops to poor students to bring them on par with others.

“The DMK chief is mainly responsible for ‘widowing’ 3 lakhs Tamil women in war-torn Lanka but is staging a ‘drama’ by hosting a meaningless TESO conference. Vijaykanth, on the other hand, doesn’t have the qualification to critize Amma. Come to think of it, even actresses like Khushboo who doesn’t know even a thing or two about River Cooum, speaks at length about the contentious Mullai Periyar dam issue.

“Vadivelu, on the other hand, spoke too much during last year’s election campaign. However hard I tried to make him see reason, he won’t have anything of it. Now, even I’m doing 4-5 films this year whereas he remains boycotted by Kollywood now. Many say that Amma deserves to be the Prime Minister of the country. Actually, I feel that the whole country wants Amma, who is a multi-lingual laureate, to become the PM ,” concluded Radha Ravi.

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