'I am not interested' - Samantha [Interview]

Samantha was at the top in Tollywood and Kollywood in 2012 when a sudden illness forced her to take a sabbatical. But she’s back in the re...

Samantha was at the top in Tollywood and Kollywood in 2012 when a sudden illness forced her to take a sabbatical. But she’s back in the reckoning with Rajamouli’s Naan Ee and has an impressive line-up of films in 2013.

Back with a bang, a surprising move has been her dubbing for her films. “In my recent Tamil release, I had dubbed for myself. I’m fluent in Tamil, and even then, I knew where I had made mistakes. Now, I’m hoping to dub for myself in my Telugu film also. But I don’t know if the makers would retain my voice,” she smiles.

Quiz Samantha on why she hasn’t signed on many movies in K-Town, and pat comes the answer, “My first two films here were flops and I wasn’t appreciated then. But, I got all the love and respect in Tollywood. I was offered good roles there. I’ve been listening to a lot of scripts in Tamil also. I’ve signed a film, about which I’ll talk once I begin shoot.”

Her maturity also reflects on the way she’s been handling losing out on two big projects here — with Mani Ratnam and Shankar. “I had no other option but to opt out of them. But I’m not someone who would sit and brood over the past. I’ve come back as a better person after the short break that I took while I was unwell. I’ve done things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. If I am destined to work with them in the future, I will,” she states.

And Bollywood? “I’m not interested,” says Samantha, “I’m a south Indian and I get interesting offers here. Hindi is not my mother tongue and I’m not keen on doing films up north. The day I get offers like what I get down south, I will think of doing it.” Point out that she’s already doing the Hindi version of her recent film with Gautham, and she justifies, “It was feasible for the producers to cast me in it.”

The talk in T-Town is that she’s the highest paid actress there. “If the media thinks I’m the top actress, I can only thank them. In showbiz, equations change every Friday. I might have delivered a hit this Friday, but someone else’s film might do great business next Friday. So, I really can’t say anything,” she says and as an afterthought, adds, “I don’t want anybody else’s roles or anybody else’s money. If that makes me number one, then so be it. I’m not competing with anyone in the industry. In fact, I must compete with myself to better my performance.”

The actress seems to be in a happy space currently. “I’m at a stage where I can pick and choose films. But I’ve more responsibility than before. If a film fails, I’m equally to be blamed because it was my choice to do it,” she says.

However, her focus is not just films. She also feels strongly about social causes and is working with a team of doctors to help the needy. “I will be part of a foundation, called Pratyusha, which will aid children who are suffering from life-threatening diseases, and destitute women,” she says. So how does 2013 look for her? “Damn packed!” laughs Samantha, “I’ve releases right from January. And I’m looking forward to begin work on some of the new films that I’ve signed.”

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