Jayalalitha's keen interest in cinema never died

Before she became the formidable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha was one of the top actresses of Tamil cinema. She retired completely from acting in 1980 to devote herself to politics.

But her keen interest in cinema never died. Now one hears Jayalalithaji is taking more than a passing interest in the new Kamal Haasan starrer Vishwaroopam and has in fact expressed a desire to see the film after being one of the privileged few to see the rushes of the much-awaited film.

Unfortunately no one, not even the most powerful woman politician in Tamil Nadu is allowed to see the film before the DTH (Direct To Home) telecast on 10 January.

Reluctant to speak of his powerful political association Kamal Haasan says, “Jayalalithaji and I have known one another for the longest time. But I really don’t see the need to flaunt my association with her. I’ve the highest regard for her. Yes, she has been kind enough to show some interest in my film. She has seen bits and pieces of the film and we’d love to have her watch the whole film as soon as possible.”

One wonders whether this means that Jayalalitha is moving back towards cinema or whether it means Kamal Haasan is moving towards politics.

Quips the actor, “I am a very good actor. But not good enough to be a politician.”

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