Vairamuthu – Yuvan combo meets youth for 'Idam Porul Aeval'

Vairamuthu – Yuvan
Idam Porul Eval is an upcoming film of director Seenu Ramasamy. This film becomes very special for one significant reason.

Lyricist Vairamuthu will be penning for Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, for the first time. For all those who are not initiated into this, Vairamuthu and Ilayaraja's combination ruled the roost a few decades back but they fell apart after a while.

Hence, naturally, the curiosity levels were raised when Vairamuthu agreed to write for Yuvan. Of course, the credit for bringing them together goes to Seenu Ramasamy. Talking about this, the Neer Paravai director says that he is very happy to have brought them together. Although Vairamuthu was open to work with Yuvan he was worried that the effort should not work against the young man.

Seenu Ramasamy adds, "As soon as I told Yuvan about the milieu of Idam Porul Eval which is mountains and its adjoining areas, he gave the first tune. I played the tune to Vairamuthu, who appreciated the chillness in the tunes".

Seenu Ramasamy is delighted that when the experience of a veteran like Vairamuthu meets the music of someone who knows the youth’s pulse, the result is going to be phenomenal. One can't agree any further!

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