AR Rahman has been forced not to work!

AR Rahman
Oscar winning composer A R Rahman, who is known to work at late hours, was forced to shut down his systems and stop work last night.

All the plugs were pulled off and computers were shut down, and the ace composer for forced to sleep. The Mozart of Madras had a surprise visitor in the early hours around 3 A.M, who forced him to stop work. It was none other than the musician’s young kid, Ameen.

Surprised that his kid was no longer a baby and has grown up, AR Rahman said “Today, I had a surprise visitor to my studio at 3 AM. I was arranging music for my new album, Raunaq, and suddenly a young chap comes and tells my sound engineer to shut down everything. He said that I have to sleep at least 7 hours a day and rest well. So, all plugs were to be pulled off and all computers to be shut down.”

“I was surprised. It was Ameen. It took me 10 minutes to convince him to go and sleep… Had to promise him that I will catch up on my sleep for sure, and so, I did. How time flies? Hard to believe that he is not a baby anymore,” added Rahman.

Ameen had sung the track ‘NaNa’ from ‘Couples Retreat’.

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