Rajni spills the beans about 'Jakkubai'

Superstar RajnikanthSuperstar Rajnikanth appears to have made himself very, very clear and loud on one issue.  Rajni, who took part in the recent meeting convened by the Producers' Council over the alleged leak through CDs of the yet-to-be-released 'Jaggubai' (starring Sarathkumar and Shriya and directed by K.S. Ravikumar), hinted strongly that the film is an adaptation of the Hollywood movie 'Token'.

By revealing this, Rajni has saved (with or without intention) Vijaykant's head, it is believed.  'Captain' Vijaykanth is said to be directing his home production 'Virudhagiri', whose story is said to be based heavily on the film 'Token' referred to by Rajnikanth.  

"K.S. Ravikumar asked me some time back to watch the English film 'Token' on DVD.  The film was to be made in his directing featuring me.  I watched the film but due to the fact that I might have to appear in a very, very old character for some time in the film, I opted out of the project.  Rajni took everyone by surprise and startled many by almost narrating the full story of 'Jaggubai'.

Rajni's speech gave ample indication that he had come to the meeting not in his usual mood and that he had reluctantly attended it.  Rajni is said to have checked up with Sarath Kumar, prior to arriving at the venue, as to whether this meeting woudn't be the 'same as the one held at Nadigar Sangam' last year!


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