Arjun becomes angry

“While India and its people are known for preaching peace, we are conveying a message to ‘get angry’ with our film ‘Vallakottai’. However, there would be a justification to it,” says the movie’s director A Venkatesh.
The film produced by Raja for ESK Films International has Arjun in the lead role. “Arjun plays a cool man who never gets angry. His patience is put to test at one point of them. What’s next will be told through a racy screenplay,” says the director.
Throwing more light, he says, “I have already worked with Arjun in films like ‘Vathiyar’ and ‘Durai’. We share a very good rapport. Thanks to our comfort levels, the movie is shaping up in a great way.”
“Arjun is playing a Superman kind of role in ‘Vallakottai’,” Venkatesh says and adds: “We have shot some important scenes in Hong Kong. A special equipment was acquired to shoot a risky stunt scene. Expect the unexpected in ‘Vallakottai’.”


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