A film’s simultaneous release in Theatres & TV

It looks like an appalling situation for director Rajesh Lingam as his debut directorial ‘Pugaipadam’ has been drenched in terribleness. The filmmaker’s ‘Pugaipadam’ was released before few months and didn’t gain favorable results at box office due to unavailability of theatres. Of course, the reviews were quite commendable as majority of media channels supported this film for its best quality in narration and technical aspects.
Instantaneously, filmmaker Rajesh Lingam decided to re-release the film today across more theatres in Tamil Nadu. As a matter of fact, his producer had incisively allotted him more funds to promote the film through various publicities.
But regrettably, the film is also set to be telecasted in Vijay TV on day after tomorrow, Sunday (March 28). Lately, it has been revealed that the film has two producers and one of them sold out the satellite rights. Now, both the producers are unwilling to give up their stubbornness now.
Pitiably director Rajesh Lingam is perplexed over the situation and is wedged between terrifying whimpers.


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