Anu Hassan married Graham,long-time British boyfriend

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Popular actress and TV presenter Anu Hasan married her long-time British boyfriend Graham recently. Graham is an investment banker based in London and Anu met him through a music website and as their friendship developed, love blossomed.

Anu Graham (as she prefers to be addressed now) says that she was single for five years after her arduous divorce from her first marriage and that only after meeting Graham did she even think of getting committed again. The actress-cum-television host said that she took her time to make her decision after Graham proposed and that her mother supported her all the while.

The wedding was a very private one and happened in typical Iyengar style and was attended only by people very close to her. She adds that Kamal Haasan, Shruti Haasan, Akshara Haasan, Gauthami, Suhasini Maniratnam were the ones who stayed all the while and gave their consent and support. Graham’s parents also flew down from London for the wedding. Anu said that she will be shuttling between London and Chennai and she does not have plans to settle down here.


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