Arun Vijay to dive from Mount Everest


Arun Vijay, who is a professional skydiver, has got his license from United States Parachute Association. As he is through professional he decided to jump from the world's most risky zone Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the world's highest peak and performing skydive from this zone is seriously a risky one.

The event takes place twice a year and Arun Vijay got his name registered for the event. The starting height of jump from the Everest is 29500ft and this allows a diver to land carefully among the mountain peaks. He is going to start his trip from Katmandu capital of Nepal. Arun goes on a trekking expedition for seven days where he reaches Everest finally. The permission is allowed only if there are a minimum number of divers and this year the number got increased. In all circumstances, Arun will be performing the jump during the first week of June 2011.
According the sources is known that the actor is going to do the same risky stunt in one of his forthcoming project too.


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