Bala is the best: Arya

Bala is the best: Arya Director Bala's mentor, award winning director Balu Mahendra launched the music of Avan Ivan in Chennai recently. Lead actors Arya and Vishal were seen welcoming the guests enthusiastically. 'To write lyrics in Bala's film is the most risky job. It's like climbing a mountain to get a darshan,' lyricist Na. Muthukumar said. Arya also praised his co-star Vishal's effort. 'Vishal's performance will definitely be appreciated. The pain he has undergone for his eyes is simply brilliant,' he said. Arya also said that Bala is one of the best directors in India, while Vishal thanked Arya for his support. He also thanked Bala for giving him this wonderful opportunity and called it 'the best role' ever in his career.

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