Stars and their dream holiday locales!

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The heat in the city is soaring and everyone is looking for an apt location to chillout during the heat wave. Since it is holiday season people are on the look out for destinations within the nation as well as abroad depending upon the swell of their purses. The stars in tinsel town too are planning to ease the summer heat taking a break from their busy schedule to take a break at exotic locales.
Actor Vikram is planning for an outing in Italy with his wife and children. The actor will be holidaying in the ancient city for a couple of weeks before getting back to Chennai for promoting his upcoming film 'Vikramanin Deiva Thirumagal.' The film is touted to be released by the first weekend in June suggest sources close to the filming unit.
Likewise Jeeva whose 'Ko' is running to packed houses would like to visit Norway when he gets time off his shooting. The actor who has already been there during the shoot of 'Ko' seems to be enchanted with the beauty of the place. Sources revealed that he might leave to Norway for a couple of weeks before getting back to his hectic shooting schedules.
Wonder were the latest babe in Kollywood would like to spend her holidays?
Well for Hansika peaky mountains are the best places to chillout. The place that tops her list of favorite holiday destinations is Nainital, which she feels is the best place to chill during the summer. But the actress seems to busy to take a break these days because she is getting offers for films from all corners!
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