Digital Posters to take off in Kollywood

With two helicopters in the air, moving clouds and a beefy Salman Khan sporting a swaying scarf, Yash Raj films released a one-of-its-kind digital poster for Ek Tha Tiger late last year.

Now, Aamir Khan, reportedly impressed by the cool technology, followed suit with the release of the digital poster of his new flick Talaash.

The digital poster of the film has Aamir sporting his latest mustached look as the backdrop to a fast-paced bustling city life and a mysterious tagline of 'The Answer Lies Within'.

After the astounding success of Kolaveri, filmmakers and marketing gurus seemed to have realised the potential of online media. In an industry where budget is a matter of little concern, digital posters could be the next best thing to unveil the first look of a film.

While Kollywood is yet to have its first digital poster, rumours have it that it won't be very long before the digital posters of the much-anticipated Kochadaiyaan hit the online world. Says ad filmmaker and TV producer, P. Praveen, "Digital posters is a trend that is yet to take off in Kollywood. But it is visible on a number of film websites, that use a little bit of flash animation to give new releases that edge.

While Kollywood may be yet to see its first digital poster, those here affirm that it's an idea they are willing to try. Director and cinematographer, K.V. Anand, who is currently busy with his next flick, Maatran starring Suriya, says, "Publicity for the film is yet to start, but digital posters is something we'd like to consider. These are days where posters can't be stuck on the road and most have realised the target audience leads an active life online. Traditional methods for advertising aren't sufficient and the target audience needs to be reached via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter."

Actor Ganesh Venkataraman, who looks forward to the release of his Pani Thuli, feels that with actors and producers going all out to promote a film these days, digital posters is an innovation that deserves to be embraced.

"I've seen digital posters and find them interesting. This is an information age and a move-over from traditional methods is but necessary. We understand the relevance of the Internet and unique methods need to employed to tap into this market."


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