Vijay says 'I will not force punch dialogues in my films'

Actor Vijay while speaking to the media said, "There is information that the film Nanban is doing well at the box office and it has broken the records of my earlier films. I am interested to act in different type of roles.
When I saw the Hindi film Three Idiots, I liked it very much. That is why I had acted in the remake of this film. The story, director and producer should be good to act in these kinds of roles. This has happened in Nanban.

There are no action or punch dialogues in this film. Though hitting ten people is one kind of heroism, the role in Nanban is another kind of heroism. I wanted to see myself in a different way on the screen. That has been fulfilled through the film Nanban. I will not force punch dialogues in my films. Only if the scene demands I will speak punch dialogues. I acted in the kissing scene with Ileana because the story demanded it. I did not feel anything wrong in Jeeva and Srikanth in removing their jean pants. All this happens in college ragging. Jeeva and Srikanth have become very close friends now.

The film speaks about the wrong notions in our educational system. We should send the students to the course they are interested in. My father wanted me to become a daughter. Since I was interested in acting, I took up acting. My son is interested in cricket. Next I am acting in the film Thuppaki. This film will be in a different dimension. At this juncture, I want to thank the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for giving Entertainment Tax exemption for the film Nanban."


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