Vijay says - Sangeetha is my motivation

"I have heard that every woman is reborn after delivering a child and going through labor pain. I experienced it literally though it was only through acting for the film Nanban.
I salute all the 'mothers' in the world," remarked actor Vijay, after he went through the heart- wrenching experience of performing in a childbirth scene for his recent hit Nanban.

Congratulatory messages have been pouring in from industry people and friends — not only for his fresh and energetic looks, but also for the way he has relived his college days.

"Thanks to my wife Sangeetha, who motivated me and insisted that I reprise Aamir Khan's role in the Tamil remake of 3 Idiots," he says, at the start of his freewheeling exclusive interview with DC.

Everyone feels that you were able to convincingly fit into the role of a college student. Comment.
(Laughs) Shankar was right there to bring alive the character with the exact facial expressions!

Honestly, I didn't expect the remake to come to me in the first place! I did have initial apprehensions about whether I would suit the role at all, but Geetha gave me a lot of courage which made me accept it. And because it came from a maverick director like Shankar, I did not want to let it go.

At any point of time, were you intimidated that the audience would compare your performance with Aamir's ?
I had watched 3 Idiots thrice. So, I studiously avoided Aamir's style and infused a certain body language of my own that worked eventually. But of course, there were a few cute expressions of Aamir's that I liked and followed exactly!

How was it working with Shankar?
He is the best director I have ever worked with. I should call it a super chance. There used to be a lot of clarity and perfect planning. More than a great filmmaker, Shankar sir is a humble human being.
Tell us about your bonding with Jiiva and Srikanth.
Jiiva is a lively person and always cracks jokes on the sets. I guess that got translated on to the screen as well.

Are you open to multi-starrers in future?
Why not? It all depends on the script, irrespective of other aspects.

Which is the most unforgettable compliment you received after Nanban's release?
On the first day of its release, Shankar wanted me to join him for some promos in the city. I reached home late at night and as I stepped out of my car, my son Sanjay came running up to me, pulled down his pants and said, 'Daddy you are great'.

For a moment, I was perplexed and was left wondering about how the film has influenced and reached even children.

About teaming up with new age directors like Shankar, Murugadoss and Gautham Menon…

I don't plan for it. It just happens. Frankly speaking, such scripts are coming my way only now.

How is Thuppakki with Murugadoss shaping up?
So far, so good! We had a 35-day shooting schedule at Mumbai. It was predominantly on the roads and in some of the houses near the Sealink. Everywhere we went, hundreds of people gathered to watch the shooting.


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