Ad war between Dhanush and Suriya!

Dhanush has recently signed with two business giants to get associated in the promotion of their products snatching it from Suriya, who had been the brand ambassador of those products till now.

Brand Emami's product Navaratna Oil is being included as an in-song placement in the visuals of the 'Kolaveri song' that Aishwarya Dhanush shot for her debut film '3' with Dhanush and Shruti Hassan featuring in it. A set was erected in the sands of Mahabalipuram, depicting the stalls of the Marina beach, and Dhanush and Shruti are walking in between the stalls in the song. The visuals show that people are buying the product from a stall and also some boards and banners are put showing the product.

Krishna Mohan, CEO of Emami says, "'Kolaveri' is a cool song and our Navaratna oil is for giving the 'cool' effect for your head. So, this is the right song for the product." "Like 'Kolaveri' it is 'Coolaveri'," he laughs.
Suriya had been featuring in this 'Thanda, thanda Coo, cool' ad for the last couple of years.

Dhanush is also signing with a telecom giant to promote their product which had been endorsed by Suriya till now.

Is Dhanush becoming more popular and bigger star than Suriya?


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