Dhanush says rumors with Shruti were entertaining

There is no denying the fact that Dhanush has gained quite a bit of international recognition thanks to the rage that surrounded the Kolaveri di song. This correspondent exclusively interviewed the actor and it turned out that the star is as surprised at his luck as everyone else is!

Talking about how he feels ever since he became a brand name of sorts, he smiles and says, "Life's turned upside down. I never expected that some day I would be known more as a singer than an actor," he laughs, adding, "I am trying to change that somehow!"

For Dhanush, it's never been about expecting anything from life. He says, "It's only recently that I realised the world is such a small place and it is us who have to make every attempt to succeed."
On working with Aishwarya, director of the film, 3, he says, "Our relationship has not changed just because we share professional space. I am glad that I could teach her something about this industry. We still go for movies, discuss films and indulge in activities that couples normally do."

Unable to resist grabbing a chance to ask him about the rumours of him and Shruti Haasan that created quite a ruckus in his personal life, we threw the question at him. However, Dhanush seemed undeterred.
He said, "My life is very boring. So, such rumours provide me with quite a bit of entertainment. That's how I look at it. I never let such instances affect me! I know who I am and so do people who are close to me."

This one life-changing song has literally made Dhanush a youth icon across the country. He says, "Recently one of my friend's son, at the time of school admissions, was asked to sing a rhyme. The child sang the Kolaveri song and was denied admission!"

After 3, Dhanush is getting ready to work in a Tamil movie and his Bollywood debut, Raanjhnaa, directed by Aanand L. Rai. He says, "We are yet to finalise the heroine for the film. I loved the movie Tanu Weds Manu, which was directed by Aanand. And I know that his scripts are out of the box, so I readily agreed to work with him."

Finally, about his father-in-law, Rajinikanth, Dhanush says, "Since Kolaveri was my product, I made my family listen to it first. I still remember how my FIL reacted saying, 'The lyrics are funny and its surely going to be a hit!'"


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