Mohan Lal has been paid 1 cr for cameo appearance

It is reported that Kerala superstar Mohan Lal is paid a whopping sum of Rs. One Crore for a cameo appearance in a Bollywood film, 'Tezz'!

When contacted, sources close to the unit of the film it was confirmed that the actor was paid the said amount. One of the associates of director Priyadharshan says, "Yes, Mohan Lal is playing a guest role in the film as you can also see now in the trailer of the film. The amount paid for him for this cameo role is big and something around Rs. 1 Crore."

However, some fans of the actor are annoyed with the fact that the actor is sidelined in the trailer of the film as he comes only as a glimpse. When the unit trade circle was asked, they say, "Mohan Lal is a south Indian actor and this film is an out-and-out Bollywood production made primarily for Hindi viewers, and also the actor plays only a cameo in the film. We should do justice to our business also. How can we show a south Indian actor for longer time in a Hindi movie trailer if he is just playing a guest role."


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