Nithya Menon films banned in Kerala

Two of Nithya Menon's films, Bachelor Party and Ustad Hotel, are facing ban by the distributor's association in Kerala.

This has come after the Producers' Association decided to impose a ban on her, after she refused to talk to some of the producers who had gone to meet her at the location of Tatsamayam oru penkutty.

Even after the Producers' Association decided to ban the actor in Malayalam, the producers of Bachelor Party and Ustad Hotel made her the heroine. The crisis has become even more complex with the Exhibitor's Association coming in support of the actor's films.

AMMA, the actors' association, has now defended Nithya and has said that they have not received any complaints against her.

As per the latest reports, the controversy is soon going to end with the producers withdrawing the ban on the actor. There has been widespread uproar against the ban as it was based on a minor ego hassle.

Meanwhile there are also many who feel that the whole issue is a publicity stunt for the forthcoming Nithya film, Tatsamayam oru penkutty. Watch this space for more.


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