Mariyaan smoking scenes might be deleted!

Mariyaan smoking scenes might be deleted!
There were severe protests because it is understood that there are lots of sequences in Mariyaan where Dhanush smokes.

Parvathy is donning the female lead role in this film. Bharath Bala is directing this film. This film is being released next month.

In between the promotion work of this film is going on. Posters are being put up and there is a still in the poster which has Dhanush smoking. Former Cabinet Minister Anbumani has condemned this.
In a statement issued by him envisaged, "Much importance has been given for Dhanush smoking in the posters pasted. It is a criminal offence to advertise smoking. Rajnikanth has also mentioned that smoking should be avoided. I am shocked seeing Dhanush smoking. Dhanush should see to it that smoking scenes in Mariyaan should be deleted."

It is understood that Dhanush has planned to delete the smoking scenes. He is consulting the director with regard to this. It seems that when the film is released, there will be no smoking scenes in it.


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