Shankar talks about transformation of Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson
Ace director Shankar is currently busy with the post production work of his magnum opus Ai starraing Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson.

Recently when asked about the selection of Amy Jackson, who is of British origin for Ai, Shankar replied that since the heroine in Ai was a fashion model, she had to look like a model. To make her look like a Tamil girl, they coloured her black and trained her extensively.She even attended Tamil dialogues diction class.

Once she was fully trained, Shankar says Amy reminded her of Actress Amala Akkineni (Who is half Irish) and has done several Tamil girl roles in the past.

Shankar says now Amy is suitable for more roles in Tamil films. She has been customized to suit the Tamil audiences taste. Shankar feels the amount of hard work she had done for her transformation will show on screen


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