Karthi learns to ‘shoot and strike’ for Madras

We know that Karthi plays a resident of north Chennai in Atta Kathi Ranjith’s Madras. What’s interesting is that the actor learnt the basics of football to portray the character he plays in the film. Reason? It’s one of the sports that is popular in north Madras.

Ranjith says, “This is not a sports-based film. Madras is set in north Madras, and depicts the residents’ way of life. Carrom and football are two of the sports that are often played by youngsters there. So, we wanted to show Karthi playing these two sports. There are no elaborate sequences or matches, but scenes that have Karthi playing carrom and football will appear prominently in talkie portions and songs. In fact, he trained in football before we shot the sequences because we both wanted it to look natural on the big screen.”


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