Sunny Leone’s first film awaiting release

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone’s first film to be released The film, 'Pirates of Blood' is ready for release. The news is spread through social media. The shocking fact is that Sunny’s hero is Nishant Sagar. The location’s location pictures have gone viral on social media.

Did you know? Sunny Leone made her acting debut, way before she stepped into the porn industry? Actress Sunny Leone, a former porn star, was one of the heroines of the 2008 movie 'Pirates of Blood' directed by American director Mark Ratering. He is also one of the producers of the film. Mixing and other activities took place in Chennai. The movie which was scheduled to release in 2008, did not see the light of the day due to due to distribution disputes. Shot in several locations including Kerala, the movie had several Malayalee technicians including K Rajagopal(editor), stunt expert Mafia Sasi and makeup artist Pattanam Rasheed were also part of the crew.
It was first screened in 2008. However, it was later discontinued. Sunny and Nishant’s photos went viral on social media a few days ago. This is followed by discussion on the film. A video of some parts of the film is available on Youtube. The news is that the movie is all set to release again. Being a lockdown period, we are not sure if the movie will have a digital release or theatrical release after the coronavirus outbreak comes to control. An official announcement from the team is awaited!


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