7 Aum Arivu Movie Review, 7am Arivu Rating (3/5)

7 Aum Arivu is a sci-fi thriller in which Suriya plays a double role: a circus artist and Buddhist monk. Interestingly, Shruti Haasan will ...

7 Aum Arivu is a sci-fi thriller in which Suriya plays a double role: a circus artist and Buddhist monk. Interestingly, Shruti Haasan will play the role of Subha Srinivasan, a scientist. The story is said to revolve around a time machine brought to India by a scientist (Shruti Haasan). The film is also being dubbed in Hindi and Telugu. Suriya will sport the look of a Buddhist monk for only 20 minutes in the film. He will appear as a Tamil prince from Kancheepuram who travels to China and becomes a well-respected monk there. Director Murugadoss has done a lot of research on the role and sources who have seen the raw version of the film are amazed with Suriya's performance.

Cast Suriya, Shruti Haasan Johnny Tri Nguyen
Director A.R. Murugadoss
Cinematography Harris Jayaraj
Music Director Ravi K. Chandran
Editing Anthony
Art Rajeevan
Banner Red Giant Movies
Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin
Release date Oct 26, 2011
Genre Sci-Fi
Costumes Shabina Khan

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Review: 7am Arivu is worth a watch

- Pavithra S

One of the best things about Red Giant Movies' 7am Arivu (Seventh Sense), easily among the most anticipated Tamil films of the year, directed by hit-maker A R Murugadoss, is that it's chosen a distinct theme for its basic plot.

Considering the hype that's surrounded the movie, it's almost a given that you're going to end up with mixed feelings about it. It would be impossible to give a linear review for a film that traverses several plot-lines -- so here are the plusses and minuses of this Suriya-Shruthi Haasan starrer. What works for the film, first:

* The first half-hour of the film. It might be slightly in the style of a documentary but the camera-work, the SFX and the maker's obvious love of history transport you back 1600 years into the past, to the reigning Pallava dynasty, and to the surroundings of Kanchi, to a land that is at the height of both martial and medical prowess. It's here that you're introduced to Bhodhi Dharmar (Suriya), a Pallava Prince who leaves his family behind and journeys to China. His travel across the lands, and the way he slowly assimilates the life of an ascetic, casting away his princely robes is a revelation. It takes him three years to reach China -- where a completely different life awaits him.

* The present-day avatar of Suriya as Aravind, a circus artist who travels with the Grand Bombay Circus, and who hails, incidentally, from Kanchipuram himself. He's playful, hopelessly in love, but is more an involuntary pawn in the high-profile international age than a hero. It's supposed to be a Suriya film -- but doesn't really revolve around him, and so, you don't get to see him go all out acting, either. He does flex his muscles a good deal, so much that you wonder if he's turning into the Tamil version of Salman Khan.

* Shruti Haasan does a competent job as Subha Srinivasan, and it's a credit to the director that she's portrayed as a geneticist, rather than an empty-headed heroine. If you can ignore her torturous Tamil accent, it does get better -- even if she's reduced to a pretty doll in the song sequences. The girl does have promise. The slight twist in her romance track with Suriya adds some depth.

* The villain, Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen), a real-life martial arts expert plays an unruffled nemesis -- and it says a great deal for his characterization that the audience starts whistling whenever he appears on-screen. For an antagonist, he gets almost equal screen presence as Suriya himself, and uses it well. He's naturally stylish, and is a treat to watch.

* The production values are, naturally, top-notch. Anthony editing, Ravi K Chandran's cinematography and the SFX work make the past come alive. Murugadoss shines when he gets his characters to talk about the richness of our tradition, the obvious advances Tamils once made in every field, before losing it due to continuous war and other onslaughts. He also gets points for bringing science into the mix, breaking it down into easy components, instead of going the masala-route completely.

Shruti Haasan and Suriya in 7am ArivuUnfortunately, there are a few minuses too, that destroy some of the good work done by the team:

* The screenplay has its share of plot-holes. The "plot" concocted by India's enemies is laughably childish; the dialogues and situations that explain it even sillier. But what beats it all is the way our protagonists choose to deal with what is supposed to be a nation-wide crisis.

* It's understood that some element of fantasy is bound to be part of a story, when it's about a legend such as Bhodhi Dharma, but some more historical authenticity wouldn't have hurt. Also, once the first half-hour is over, the story line grows extremely predictable. Certain moments serve to pull up the sagging screenplay, but these are few and far in between. Moments of realism are pretty rare, and logic has gone for a toss in the second half. The feeling of disappointment is added, as you're led to expect something truly fantastic in the first half.

* Harris Jeyaraj's music usually adds pep to the proceedings; here, they are a severe let-down here, not to mention the fact that they hamper the proceedings and act as a stumbling-block. Removing them would have aided the movie a good deal.

7am Arivu has several things working for it -- its historical background, and a rock-solid villain who uses mind-control, and an intelligent heroine, among other things. You just wish they had utilized all these ingredients better.

Review:- Must see!

Finally, the wait is over as the biggest ticket of the season arrives a day prior to the festive occasion of Diwali. Produced at a whooping amount, producer Udhayanidhi Stalin has released the film across the globe with more prints. The film has been generating huge waves from Day 1 precisely for the reason that the trio combo of Ghajini team coming together.

Moreover director A.R. Murugadoss has been boasting of the fact that the film will make every Tamilian proud and it gradually raised everyone’s expectations upon the film. KollyInsider brings you the first exclusive movie review of the much awaited movie 7 AUM ARIVU.

Interesting fare
When a successful team comes together, expectations obviously rises high. So is the case with 7 Aum Arivu. Suriya, director A R Murugadoss and music composer Harris Jayaraj team up again after the blockbuster Ghajini, obviously all eyes are on the movie.


The movie begins in sixth century AD and Bodhi Dharman (Suriya), a Pallava prince goes to China from Kanchipuram. He isconsidered the messiah of masses in China as he helps people in the village to overcome an epidemic. Also he teaches martial arts and is considered the founder of Shaolin. After his demise, he is worshipped as Tao by all in China.

The story is cut to present and enters Aravindh (Suriya), a circus artiste. He works in Greaty Bombay Circus. He falls for Suba Sreenivas (Sruthi), a research student. Aravindh and Suba become thick pals and the former falls for SUba's charm. Meanwhile, he comes to know that Suba has some motive behind her acts.

Also a sequence of events reveal that Chinese government is planning to unleash harm to India by planning Operation red and sens one Dong Lee (Johnny Tri  Nguyen), a matrtial arts expert to Chennai. He is instructed to kill Suba for Chinese government fears that her research on Bodhi Dharman would hinder all their plans.

Suba comes to know that Bodhi Dharman was forefather of Aravindh and finds out that both DNA their matches. Now her task is bringing to liofe the heroice of Bodhi Dharman through Aravindh to thwart the plans of Chinese government. How they accomplish the task is what the movie is all about.

Everyone knows the effort Suriya puts behind every role of his. When he gets a chance to do such characters like Bodhi Dharman and a circus artiste Aravindh, he amazes. His hard work is visible. Also the way he shaped up his physique to suit the role deserve mention. Watch out for Suriya in a casual performance as Bodhi Dharman. He amazes. Sruthi makes a good debut. She gets a meaty role to perform. She is there dancing, romancing and has enough emotional scenes too.
Johnny Tri Ngyuen is a welcome addition to Tamil cinema. He as baddie oozes bvenom in every move of his. The rest of teh cast does a decent job.


It is a tough storyline and it demands grandeur to reach out to the masses. A R murugadoss has done his part well. he has done immense research and ensured that the message is loudly and clearly conveyed through the film. Ravi K Chandran's cinematography captures Chinese village well. Harris Jeyaraj's tunes are interesting but reminds of Ayan and Aadhavan at places. Rajeevan's art direction is good but Anthony's editing could have been more crisp.


A different story. But what spoils the party is events that unfolds. Unfortunately they are little amateurish and predictable. Murugadoss has tried his best to sustain momentum, unfortunately it loses plot as it enters second half. It's well begun, but unfortunately seems to be half-done.

We bring you some sequences from the film that deserves special appreciation…

1. The point where Johny tries to hypnotize Suriya and fails.
2. The dialogue pertaining to the death of a Tamil Liberation Leader and his culmination due to betrayal.
3. The action sequences on the highway road, where the entire public crowd starts attacking Suriya and Shruthi Haasan.

Suriya has done a tremendous hard work over his physique and his action sequences are very much perfect. But it’s Johny Tri Nguyen stealing the show with his marvelous stunts. In fact, the foreign actor wins applause with his introduction scene. Shruthi Haasan looks little nervous during most of the sequences, but delivers an impressive spell in songs, especially in ‘Yella Lama’, which carries a amazing cinematography. The onscreen chemistry between Suriya and Shruthi Haasan is completely missing.

Most of the songs are nowhere closer to the film 7aum Arivu. A.R. Murugadoss has purposely added the songs to add up length. Harris Jayaraj is losing his graph over the background score in his past few films and this one doesn’t become an exception. Most of the sequences have loud and noisy background score. Anthony’s editing is crisp, especially during the action sequences…
The initial sequences shot across Indo-Chinese regions are astounding – courtesy to Ravi K Chandran.

Except the fact that A.R. Murugadoss has attempted to upgrade the status of Tamilians, there is nothing special in screenplay and overall it’s an average show.

Verdict: Has a thought provoking message, but an average treatment…

Review 2:

7 aum arivu Story/ Plot
The story of 7 aum arivu starts with the 20 minute introduction of the real life character Bodhidharma portrayed by Surya on screen, who from the Pallava dynasty of Kanchipuaram, travels to China.

While the people there at first does not allow him to become one among them, later his timely help makes them realize Bodhidharma’s worth and they accept him to be one of them. He teaches the people the art of Kung-fu and the techniques of the martial arts, which helps the people who live there. He spreads the philosophy of Zen and becomes the Guru of Shaolin Temple.

Later when Bodhidharma wants to leave the village and come back to India, the people there wishes to have him with them for ever, which is why they try to poison him. The people in the village feel that if Bodhidharma leaves the place, the good things that the village has seen will also leave with him. But sensing motive behind the village people’s idea of poisoning him, Bodhidharma decides to drink the poison and dies there.

Now cut to the present, Surya who hails from the royal king family and is now a well trained circus artist aka Arvindh. Shruti Hassan as Suba Srinivasan, who is a scientist, befriends him on seeing him in one of his circus shows. She introduces herself as a scientist and shares some talk and seeks help from him for a research that she is doing on animals, to which Surya readily accepts to lend his hand. As it happens, Surya falls for her and decides to propose.

In the series of events we actually get to know that Shruti is actually doing a research on Surya and not on animals, which leads to Surya’s heart break. He courts her for owing an explanation to him for mis leading him and then Shruti explains him about her research.

Shruti Hassan has actually found that the DNA of Bodhidharma matches with the current Surya who comes from his family which makes a 85% match. She now wants to match it 100% by introducing Bodhidharma’s DNA on his body, (with the technology of recombinant DNA Technology) so that he gets the art of martial arts, the medical intelligence can once again be brought to this world, through him. Hearing all this Surya decides to help her.

Amongst this the Chinese Government sends Jonnyy aka Dong Lee to start something called as the operation Red in India. On his arrival, he injects some medicine on a dog and says that Bodhidharma will not come alive and that the Operation Red has kickstarted. The interval breaks in.

This is when we get to that Jonny who is a great martial art expert and one of the finest student, who is also good at hypnotism, has used Shruti Hassan’s Processor’s knowledge to know about Shruti’s research and he has been sent to start this operation Red and to kill Shruti.

Does Jonny succeed in his attempt or does Shruti succeed in her attempt to make 100% match of DNA of Bodhidharma’s with that of Surya’s. Does Surya out plan the villain Jonny’s deadly mission for the climax.

7 aum arivu Review – Positives & Negatives
Surya is good in his role of both Bodhidharma & the circus artist. Shruti Hassan on the other hand has a very goo female lead role with a lot of scope for performance, which she has portrayed without letting us down. Her Tamil accent could slightly be improved. But we now realize as to why AR Murugadoss roped in Shruti for this role.

He had once mentioned that he wanted to have a good looking, intelligent female lead for this role, and Shruti fitted the bill. One good example is that of a scene, where Shruti on giving a presentation in the college about her research talks about the importance using Tamil language as it is essential to give a better explanation for her work.

Some of the subtle inclusion of messages of the importance of talking in Tamil, blood donation, organ donation, etc are handled well by the director.

The cinematography is good in the climax scenes, some of the song sequences, the art direction is worth mentioning in the 20 Bodhidharma scene, while editing is just plain and simple.
While the first half starts slow and picks up pave towards the end of the interval, the second half is quite manageable and not dragging.

Mun Anjal song felt like a forcefully added one and dragged the film unnecessarily.
The film which has boasted a villain like Jonny, who has been the stunt choreographer for many action packed Hollywood movies, including the Spider man series, has been under utilized in this movie. The film which also has him in the character who is a good student of the martial arts, uses hypnotism as his main weapon through the movie to get his way, which kind of feels monotonous. Some action could have added more weightage to his character.

Verdict - We also wonder if the film had released without much hype, there might not have been any expectations, but with such hoopla and considered it to be one of the hot movie releases, it kind of lacks that kicking factor over all.

Yet the film is nice and is watchable for once and if you are a Tamillian you will definitely watch it, which might make you a bit more prouder when you come out of the theatre screens.

Review 3: by R. Richard Mahesh

What happens when a product or service is promoted with more efforts than it actually deserves? Expectations shoot-up high and everyone waits for the Big Day. Well ‘7 Aum Arivu’ is not a mere exception as producer Udhayanidhi Stalin made sure that the film reaches the nook and corners of the globe with the vigorous promotion. Not to forget that the makers had shot more lines about the film.

Naturally, it has paved way for a grand opening in box office with Houseful shows for next five days that would surely have a cakewalk for the producers. But when it comes to analyzing the film, it’s a big disappointment from A.R. Murugadoss, the man behind the grand success of ‘Dheena’, ‘Ramana’ and ‘Ghajini’. Precisely, because it turned out to be a bigger hype for the film that left the audiences to expect a lot over the film and finally it has dashed down everyone’s hopes.

To be precise, the films ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Ramana’ had a strong value of message passed through a substantial entertainment. But this one has a flimsy screenplay with not so interesting moments across the show.

The film opens in the backdrops of 400-500 A.D. where see Suriya as a reigning prince from Pallava Dynasty of Kanchipuram. He embarks a journey to China for helping the poor and innocent people there from ailing diseases and teaches them martial arts. When it’s time for him to get back to Tamil Nadu, the astrologers feel that it’s a bad omen. To prevent him from departing, they poison him and he accepts their justification. Final result – Boddhidharman is buried in China and so is buried is his realms across the century.

Centuries later, Subha (Shruthi Haasan) is working on an experiment based on DNA Recombinant Technology. Her motto is bringing back the pre-existed qualities of Boddhidharman in his present lineage, who is none other than Aravind (Suriya) working as an artist in circus. But sooner the officials of Chinese Government assign Dong Lee (Johny Tri Nguyen) to assassinate Subha to stop her from assignment. Well, it’s not only this mission he is moving down to Chennai, but to start off ‘Operation Red’, which is a dangerous mission that will cost the lives of innocent souls. What happens next is a series of encounters among these three characters – Aravind, Subha and Dong Lee.

The basic concept of the film is something new for the audiences of Tamil Nadu, but the treatment of screenplay doesn’t make it engrossing. The first half of the film has unwanted sequences and the songs are nowhere closer to the film. The pace picks up only during second half and the last 25mins of this film is extraordinary.

Technically, the cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is the over the top and background score by Harris Jayaraj is below average.

On the whole, ‘7 Aum Arivu’ has very little interesting moments, but doesn’t have a screenplay to keep the audiences intact over the show. We can say, it’s a disappointment from A.R. Murugadoss and only Suriya carries the film on his shoulders.

Verdict: Average…. Doesn’t exceed our expectations

Viewer's Review
7am Arivu Movie Review by Rama-Singapore

hi guyz,

im juz back frm watching 7am arivu - 6pm show in singapore. so thought of writing a review. well, i do not know how to write a review unlike pondy bhai. this is my 1st time. plus my english is not that gr8. so my review will be simple, meaning to say i wont go into too many details. many of you might know that im a surya fan. but dont worry. my thoughts are not biased. so strengthen your heart n mind 1st coz you might be reading the worst type of review in your life

i will not start of by saying things like this is the most expected film since its the ghajini team n murugadoss film after 5 years, its the 2nd costliest tamil movie etc. etc. i will jump straight into the story.


1600 years ago there was this prince called bodhidharman(surya) who is a martial art and a medicine expert. he is frm kanchivaram. then he went to china. not sure why coz many audience were shouting and whistling. then in the china village there was a weird disease attacking. then surya helped them cure this disease and taught them how to cure. so due to this the villager see him as a god. then later some men in horse attacked the village people. then again surya helped and taught them the martial arts. when he want to go back to india, the villagers gave him poison since they want his body to be burried in the village so that the village will be free from disease. knowing their intention, surya drank the poison willingly. thats how martial arts n chinese medicine grew.

then coming to the current year, there is this surya who is a circus artist who falls in love with shruthi hasan who is a scientist. shruthi moves closely with surya. then when surya relatives came frm their village they saw shrithi hasan n informs surya that shruthi hasan was following surya for more than a year. when surya heard this, he goes to shruthi home n finds out that shruthi was using surya all these while for experiments regarding dna since surya is bodhidharman's parambarai (dont know how to say in english sorry). then she tells more information about her research to surya saying that bodhidarman's power is inside surya n it can be activated.

meantime this villan frm china named dong injects something into a dog. then with the power of his eyes he destorys police officers n was going after surya n shrithi to kill them. surya n shruthi knows abt this n then they found out that that dong was sent by the chinese governemnt. he injected disease to the dog which will spread to the whle of india. then when india suffers, china can sell the medicine to india since only they know how to make this medicine since it is taught by bodhidharman years back. dong wants to kill surya n shruthi since shruthi can make surya into bodhidarman n can get the medicine. then shruthi n her frnds started experinmenting surya to become bodhidarman. then when dong almost kill surya, surya get activated by bodhidarman powers n destroys dong.


surya shruthi n dong are the 3 main characters in this movie. surya's performance was good. the much talked abt circus stunts failed to impress since it can be seen only for less than a minute in total in the ringa ringa song. but his action scenes are mind blowing espicially the climax. surya fight exactly like a martial art expert.

shruthi shd feel very lucky to get this role. she was more like a 2nd hero then an ordinary glam doll heroine. n she made use of it very well. she will have a bright future in tamil cinema. all the best to ulaganayagan heir.

then the villain dong. he simply rocked. one of the best villains i have seen. such a powerful eyes. his martial art wows the audience. well sected by murugadoss.


to tell abt the movie, it started of with history of bodhidarman. 15 mins of history. 15 cores was spent on it. so 1 core per min. it was deserving. yes. we could see n feel that richness in the 15 mins history. the action sequence was awesome. im sure all of you wld enjoy the history.

then the movie starts off. i would say it was dissapointing 1st half. the main reason for that was songs. 4 songs in the 1st half. 3 of them was unnecessry. 1st song was the chinese song n it was well placed. then after the history ends ringa ringa song started as an introduction. though ringa ringa song was unnecessairy it kept audince in the seat as the way the song was taken was gr8. with huge amnt of dancers n the location, camera etc. it was good to see. but then soon afterwards mun andhi song came too quikcly. then even quicker was yemma yemma. its disapointing to see director like ar murugadoss to place songs unnecessarily.

the story really didnt move in the 1st half. when the intermission came, to be honest i was not keen to watch the 2nd half. yes. it was that bad.

but 2nd half - it was 1st class. the movie ran in lightnening speed. every second was simply awesome. it makes you anxious to know what is goin to happen next. powerful, untouchable villan chasing hero n heroine may remind us of dasavatharam. adding to being a scientific medical movie, there was nothing else simlar to dasavathram. it is different.

stunt sequence is the highlight of this film. the movie shows the art of nokuvarmam which means controling of a person's brain by juz looking with your eyes. this was done by bodhidharman and the villain in many places. weather is that real or not, weather it could be done or not is a differnt thing. but an orndinary audience may not beilive it espicially the scene when the villain controls entire motorist mind in the road. but though it seems unbeilvable, it was overshadowed by the brilliant steunt sequence. what i mean is, spider biting a guy and the guy becomes spider man. though this is unbelivable, we will not bother abt it. we will look only @ the stunt sequence. same applies to this movie.

overall i would say that this movie will fullfill the expectaion of all if not exceed it. 7am arivu is a milestone not only in tamil film history but also indian film history. like i said the only minus is 1st half, but it was overshadowed byt the brilliant 2nd half. it is a must watch film.

thank u 2 all 4 reading my review.

7 AUM Arivu Review– Bodhidharman rocks, not the screenplay - by SpiderMan (FK Citezen Kerala)

Theatre - Varadharaja
Date: 25th oct 2011
Status - Housefull

84 Crore budgeted magnum opus movie of Surya had a huge hype surrounded with it. Well I will say it has been successful to live the hype only to an extent. This Science fiction thriller had elements to thrill you and entertain you but the loose screenplay plays the spoil sport. Surya did a great job in handling double role of Bodhidharman and circus artist Aravind. Shruti Hasan had a good role and looked cute, but she is not that good in acting unlike her father. Johny Ngyuyen the villain was the show stealer and he received applause for most of his entries. Guiness Pakru had a good role and he played it well, but he is not seen anywhere in 2nd half.

AR Muragadoss has presented a good theme and story but with weak screenplay the movie came nowhere near Gajini. Story was predictable most of the time. Songs were good but felt like a speed breaker as it did not sync properly.

Movie anyway conveys a good message about lost knowledge from ancient culture and gives awareness about an Indian/Tamilian who is considered as a hero/God in China.

Movie is about a genetic scientist Subha (Shruti Hasan) who wanted to re-create an ancient hero – Bodhidharma (Surya) through genetic Engineering. First 20-30 minutes deals with story of Bodhidharman a budhist monk from kancheepuram who lived in China. Then movie enters into present time in Beijing where the villain – Johny Tri Nguyen is introduced who is excellently skillful in Shaolin martial arts and is cant control human minds through hypnotic/mesmeric attacks. He is been assigned with a task that makes him to come to Chennai. As part of the task he had to encounter with circus artist Surya played again by Surya and Shruti Hasan.


  • · 6th century part
  • · Action Scenes
  • · Surya’s performance
  • · Johny Ngyuyen
  • · Message about lost ancient knowledge and Bodhidharma

  • · Screenplay
  • · Shruti Hasan’s acting
  • · Less characters

My Rating:Above Average

  • Bodhidharma’s Part – 4.5/5
  • Rest of 1st half – 2/5
  • 2nd Half – 3/5
  • Overall – 3.5/5
7aum Arivu MovieReviewed by Tamil Studios on
26 Oct 2011
.7am Arivu is worth a watchHas a thought provoking message, but an average treatmentRating: 3

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  1. Movieeeeeeeeeeeeee is simply shit!!!!!

  2. safee,

    oooooommmmmmk, but panam selevalicha pole ivvelevu build up kodukkeppadathu,, murugadas neenge koodeve pesittinge.... unge pechalevukku padam ille.

  3. Story wise movie is nice. Many ppl doesnt know abt bhodi dharman and our historical things. When we got to know that all matial arts, kung fu all based out from India, we feel proud and in the same way ashamed that even in those olden days politics played a major role to supress our talents.

    Story base line is very nice but first half an hour and last 1 hour is nice in this movie. Other than that it cud have been better. Even if they wud have made the movie for 2hrs with puching script that wud have given 5/5 rating. Acting wise good. Villan is really nice.

  4. Stupid People will never understand anything... who say movie is shit and all abuse words and mindless and nothing is stored in their mind... Pakka Budhu Bokka... Its really Annoying that People does nto understand that WEB is viewed by all and one cannot write abuse words... its a real PAYBACK for them....

    People Wakeup and see the hardwork of your own people... 7am Arivu is a REally a Good Movie... Good research and hardwork... Am not a fan of Surya but I really admired his work and the total team dedication in this....

  5. dai mokka padatha parthu panathe waste pannathinga da velayutham paarthu enjoy pannunga da

  6. antha ponnayanda velaayutham padam illa naadagam.........marupadiyum vijay avenda keri velaya start pannitaan.........srilankans eppavum surya fans thaan......

  7. velayudham is a mass movie... and commo tamil people will like it... sure... but 7 arive is not a mass movie,,, good effort from surya,

  8. First i agree with some of the comments that action sequences are not enough when you have such a powerfull villain......
    leaving that apart rest everything simply awesome,really we people have developed a culture a Comparing everything with others it starts from our childhood,for instance comparing marks with neighborhood kids,the same for everything but from my perspective the movie is beyond hollywood not in cg the work,the plot content,everything the history has been properly researched,and beautifully connected with arvind character it is scientifically a possible fact,mothathil
    it sectorla kattundu kidakkum,pizza hutlayum,publayam,onsite onraya kurikolayai vaithirukkum,athikkathukku adangi vaazhum arivillatha tamilarkalukku intha paadam puriyathu,6 arivu ulla tamilanin 7am arivai kandippai ithu thoondum.......

  9. 7aum arivu is very bore flim,only sending message to people.it is like an news pper add flim.waste of 200/-

  10. dai velayutham film pakurathuku sucide panikalam.... metal than antha padatha pathu nalla erukunu solluvan...OVERALL
    7am arivu- oru good tamil filmku example.
    Velayutham- oru sappa and mokka filmku example..

  11. Movie with poor execution and less clarity at it goes.

  12. Its a worth and must to watch movie for people who wants some break from masala,sentiments and mokkai/boring jokes.Songs are superb and there are stunning scenes in this movie which are applaudable.Only few actors who want to work hards to deliver effective roles.Undoubtedly Suriya is one of them.I am not fan of anybody,but I am impressed with this movie though there are pointable flaws in the movie.
    I repeat its worth a watch.

  13. Its not a perfect movie, but can include in the must watch list.



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