Udhayanidhi Stalin's suicide attempt for Nayanthara stirs media!

Udhayanidhi Stalin's suicide attempt for Nayanthara stirs media!
In the recent times, Nayanthara is being flooded with offers in spite of her second innings. Now there is news that Udhayanidhi Stalin was having an affair with Nayanthara and some problem erupted between the two.

Frustrated by this, Udhayanidhi Stalin seems to have swallowed some sleeping pills and tried to commit suicide. This news was spreading like fire in the internet and social networks. Now it is understood that Udhayanidhi has been admitted in the hospital and hospital authorities have confirmed this.

Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara had paired in the film titled Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal. When both of them were acting in this film, they had been to Palani temple. At that point of time itself, the media started spreading news.

Grandfather Karunanidhi also sternly warned his grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin regarding this. The intimacy that began in the first film also continued in their second film. Udhayanidhi cast Nayanthara for the female lead role in his second film.

This friendship blossomed into romance. Since Nayanthara turned down this romance, Udhayanidhi Stalin tried to commit suicide. An actor who was close to Udhayanidhi has admitted him in the hospital.

Because of such news, Udhayanidhi Stalin supporters are in agitate mood. There are commotions in certain areas in Chennai. Police have been deployed in such areas to avoid any undue incidents.


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