Velayutham Movie Review, Velayudham Rating (3/5)

Vijay's Velayutham Movie Review, Velayudham Movie Rating, Diwali tamil movie Velayudham Review
Director: Jayam Raja
Producer: Venu Ravichandran
Screenplay: Jayam Raja
Star Cast: Vijay, Genelia, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan
Music: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Priyan
Editing: V. T. Vijayan
Studio: Aascar Films
Release date: 26 October 2011
Finally the most expected Velayutham movie review is in our hand. And here we gonna give a short plot and a short review. As we don't want to reduce your thrilling and experience to watch in the silver screen. 

Have you watch the movie? Please review it! Velayudham is Masala Entertainer

- by Pavithra S
Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay has his comfort zone in the form of formula mass films that have a superhero at its epi-centre, destroying evil; saving his world; offering safety and security to those around him: all preferably done with panache and the prowess of a superman.

This time too, he has attempted more of the same with Aascar Ravichandran's Velayudham, directed by M Raja. It is safe to say that the young commander has managed to hit the bull's eye.

Velayudham, remade from the Telugu hit Azad, with suitable modifications, has a story that's as old as the hills but there are a few elements that do add some flavour to the old wine in a new bottle.

There's Bharathi (Genelia D'Souza), a journalist committed to eradicating terrorism, and who loses two of her friends to it. She comes up with a novel idea that might quell the terror: create a fictional character called Velayudham, who supposedly foils all their plans and torches them alive, to boot.

The thing is, there really is a Velayudham (Vijay) a milkman who lives in the tiny village of Pavunoor, and adores his sister Kaveri (Saranya Mohan). Together, the two create havoc in the village, as Velayudham is the kind of filmi brother who will do anything for his darling sibling, and vice versa. There's also the incredibly bouncy Vaidehi (Hansika Motwani), who wears incredibly revealing pavadai-dhavani, and whose presence leaves you in no doubt as to what her purpose in the film is. Her father (M S Bhaskar) is as silly as they come.

When Velayudham arrives in Chennai to retrieve money from a chit fund for his sister's marriage, he gets entangled in an elaborate terrorist plot and the fun really does begin.

The first half moves at a spanking pace, thanks to Vijay's own incredible comic sense. After a long while, you see not the star Vijay, but a genuinely affectionate brother who wants to get his sister married well. His antics, together with those of Speedu (Santhanam) set the audiences rolling right away. It's this Vijay that you've missed, for so long.

Post the intermission, the speed drops considerably and you're treated to more formulaic, mind-numbing stunts that defy every law of physics. But what does it matter when Vijay looms large? He dances well, beats people up, clad in a stylish attire that's supposedly stolen from a Genghis Khan collection (and which is, so it's said, inspired from Assassin's Creed), and wields a samurai sword to the manner born. He's the ultimate super-hero, and makes no bones about it.

Saranya Mohan, as his sister has precious little to do except look adorable and hug him a lot, which she does dutifully. She gets almost as much screen-time as Genelia D'Souza, who, for once, has given up the giggling school-girl act and actually has something to do. Hansika, however, doesn't, and her tittering gets on your nerves after a while.

Santhanam delivers his usual, as is his wont. The rest of the cast: Suri, Shayaji Shinde, Manivannan, et al merely form part of the backdrop.

Of Vijay Antony's numbers, Rathathin Rathame (sung, presumably, to Vijay's sister, but in reality, to Vijay's fans) and Molaichu Moonu linger. V T Vijayan's editing could have been utilised better in the second half, while Priyan's cinematography fits the bill.

With Subha's dialogues adding some pep, director M Raja has set out to provide a masala entertainer that doesn't require you to tax your brain cells. Velayudham doesn't take itself seriously and doesn't expect you to either. In other words, it's paisa vasool.
Review 2:

Interesting fare

When a successful team comes together, expectations obviously rises high. SO is the case with 7 Am Arivu. Suriya, director A R Murugadoss and music composer Harris Jayaraj team up again after the blockbuster Ghajini, obviously all eyes are on the movie.


Bharathi (Genalia) is a journalist on a mission. She fights against evil and corrupt men in the society. She reports on Home Minister's links with ultras and their plans to disturb peace in Tamilnadu by planting bombs. She incurs their wrath and she becomes their target. Meanwhile she leaves a note where she creates an artificial character Velyudham, whom she says will end the menace of corrupt and greedy.

Interestingly there is one Velayudham (Vijay), a milkman in a village living a happy life with his sister (Saranya Mohan). Videhi (Hanshika Motwani) has a crush on him. She is his cousin in the village and the rural belle is desperately in love with Velayudham. One day velayudham comes to Chenani to withdraw cash from a chit fund firm and he comes across Bharathi. It is now obvious that Velayudham will take up the challenge and he turns the messiah of the masses from here. Its action and revenge from here.


It's Vijay special all the way. Three cheers to Raja for weaving a script to the strength of Vijay. His mass elements are utilised well; by the director. As usual Vijay rocks in dance and stunt sequences. Interestingly in the climax, he rips his shirt and fights, a delight for his fans. Genelia is apt fort the role. She plays a serious journalist and has a meaty role to do. Hanshika provides the oomph factor. As rural belle, she is impressive. She does her role well. She tries her hand at comedy too. Three cheers to her. Saranya Mohan has a part to play while Sanathanam as usual flies high with his one-liners, that are rib-tickling.


Vijay Anthony's music and the peppy songs add strength to the film, while Priyan's cinematography gives it solidity. he captures the chase, fights well. Raja deserves all applause for weaving an interesting film, though inspired by telugu hit Azad.


Vijay and Raja team up to give an unpretentious entertainer. It is a good movie to see relish and enjoy. Vijay at his best, it has everything to appease movie -buffs. But the lacunae is its length. Specially needless songs stuffed in between which breaks the flow.
Viewer's Review

guy i jst now finished watching velayudham this movie is a damn good movie. itz really awsum. of course this is azad remake.but i ddnt expect this climax.....not only me no one will expect this climax.....chillax love love love ilayathalapathy vijay anna awsum awsum ellarum theatrela paarunga

By: aakash
bhagavathi part 2 ,one change their brother
sentiment here sister sentiment ,same acting
character ,cha waste of money

By: vidhya
watched both movie even though 7 th sense bit
logic less,its better new try not remake like
vela,but if u want to watch vela just watch
bhagavathi in local channels or watch telegu
movie..saying truly

REAL REVIEW: i can give 2 out of 5 for movie. same
story line of azad and no new changes in vijay

By: Ajith
Padam marana mass.... What a mass in Vetri

By: kavi
vijay performance very good..

By: soni
vijay thalaiva kalakiputtinga

By: pandi
movie is good. really need to watch one more
time..... Vijay rocks

By: gokul
classic Movie.... Very good acting.. songs
rocks...over all vijay performance is good in
velayudam movie is Blockbuster

By: alka
hayo....god i watched preview show , ena koduma
sir ithu bhagavathi+thirupachi+remake=velayudham

By: asha
my brother is a vijay fan. morning he went to see
first show and when he returned he spoke nothing
slowly gone to his room and lying in bed sadly.. i
hope movie is not so expected .....

Rouben Jackson
Vijay Performence SUPEEEER 'ma !!!! Climax MINDBLOWING exept when the little girl scream in the crowd ! i think its ridiculus and Director Raja could think a better idea ! anyway it's another SUPER HIT FOR THALAPATHY ! AND : a little request as a fan of THALAPATHY : Please don't do the stupid scenes like the little girl who screaming or a feeling scene in between a fight scene (i mean when velayutham save all the girls and talk to the little girl at the end of the fight) it waste the scene in that case ! otherwise Hats off to the all team of VELAYUTHAM !!! again VIJAY perf is EXCELENT !

RaJa JeNish
Fair & Honest Verdict of Vijay's Velayudham:
Compared to the recent failures he encountered in his career Velayudham seems to be quite satisfactory but once again not proving worth as expected.Many of the scenes resembled his previous films once again.The screenplay was good.Song sequences were good.The first half was a bit humorous. Santhaanam deserves a big applause.The second half was just sati...
Velayudham MovieReviewed by Tamil Studios on
26 Oct 2011
.Masala EntertainmerVijay and Raja team up to give an unpretentious entertainer.Rating: 3


  1. Both Films are padu mokka..intha Diwali waste.a poche

  2. velayutham rocking....
    vijay dance,
    fight sequence,
    all songs except mayam seidhaiyo,
    flim extremely rocking...

  3. if u like to give review,review it after seeing movie,even surya fans said flim rocking nu

  4. Hey all of You..Please tell the truth in single word..How is Velayudham??????????

  5. Hey all of You..Please tell the truth in single word..How is Velayudham??????????

  6. Fascinating action,comedy from ilaya thalapathy Vijay - Velayutham is Basha

  7. shut ur motherfuckin ass...!!comparing three films velayutham is super..the otr two gud wid vfx n can watch new technology..!in abov i sam cmnt like bhagat+thirupachi=velayutham who d useless pce of shit put tat cmt..! Watch it den put review

  8. shut ur motherfuckin ass...!!comparing three films velayutham is super..the otr two gud wid vfx n can watch new technology..!in abov i sam cmnt like bhagat+thirupachi=velayutham who d useless pce of shit put tat cmt..! Watch it den put review

  9. shut ur motherfuckin ass...!!comparing three films velayutham is super..the otr two gud wid vfx n can watch new technology..!in abov i sam cmnt like bhagat+thirupachi=velayutham who d useless pce of shit put tat cmt..! Watch it den put review

  10. thalapathi sema mass evanum una touch pana mudiyadhu ..two consecutive hits congrats...i love u my brother...

  11. one and only mass of tamil cinema after rajni sir..Velayutham mass mass mass will break all the records.......

  12. if anyone likes velayudham simply that people are 10 yeara back. coming from the village and destroying the villans in city how many movies he will do like this

  13. what a wase of money....oh god bhaghavathy part 2....
    ithile ivaru super herova vere....mokka film....surya done a good job....velayudham...story same as azad....vijay only know to act remake movies....enna athu remake pannina....original actorsode acting pathu pannalamle....ithile innoru remake raja...pakka mokka film....useless songs....boring fight...
    ithilum koduma ennenna...inime posterellam adippam runnig successfully ennu........waste of money....

  14. i agree with you...waste of money.....epp thirutha poringalo....?

  15. I ve seen both the movies.Here's my review:

    7am arivu is awesomeeeee !!!!!! SURYA has done a gr8 performance and the story is really good.... this movie should be a hit.

    whereas velayudham - "the same masala type movie". It is certainly a mass entertainer, dont know how many times will vijay do these types of movies.We know he can do a lot better

  16. Vijay ithuku surya suniya oombulam da.... Thevidia pasangalaaaa

  17. Ra one and velayudham watchable but 7am arivu just boring

  18. How is Velayudham??????????

  19. How is Velayudham??????????

  20. @ unknown: yaruda thevidia? un pondatti oru thevedia,unga amma oru thevdia, thayoli mavane unakku sunni ella na better u suck surya's cock & enjoy, thalapathy ah pathi thappa pesunna unaku onnuku ootha kunju irukathuda, thayoli (enna intha vartha poduma?) better mind ur words before posting comments. bye thayoli.

  21. ivan thirundhave maatana... climax la 6 packs sema comedy.. still i cant get the climax thrill as said by others.. padam comedy piece.. waste of time nd money.. thu

  22. if vijay comes to politics means then Tn will surely lose more than 50% of its population. he will put a rule tat his photo should be kept as god in all homes.. kadavule eppadiyavathu intha koosu kitta irunthu Tamilnatta kapathu. engaluku viduvu kalam eh illaiya??

  23. ssshhh.......... very good ..........ithukku mela avan comment poduvan antha tha__li?




  27. Thalapathi is rocking in vela,,,,,,,,,,, excellent movie and a family entertainer,,,,,,,money worth

  28. Velayudham rocking superb those who say like baghavathi,tiruppachi sathyama solran padam pakkama thalabathi eh ottanum nu podranga saathittu ponga da.Thalabathy back.100 times better than azad.Climax is awesome and train fight chanceless even in that he didn't show the heroism. Have to appreciate vijay anna and hats off raja sir thank you very much.

    Now come to 7 am arivu heard movie slow,boring as a vijay fan i'll say its epic film will be like that only those who say movie is bad Are you tamilan???If you are tamilan watch once. indians proved to hollywood we too can do sci-fiction film like you.

  29. vijay's next project:
    irutaraiyil murattu kutthu...

  30. vijay yapavame araicha mavu araichiketturpa waste fellow.. vela... oru mokka film.. plzzzzzzzzzz dont waste money watching vela......

  31. Nee kasu kudhthu thaan pathiya . . . u fuckin ass

  32. Only remake can give hit movie for vijay..No Remake No vijay..Enna polapu da ithu..thuuuuuuuuuu

  33. fucker Vijay's sucking movie..

  34. super movie bro...............

  35. vijay 08...............

  36. waste of money.....

  37. vijay the mass entertainer ever & ever superb climax, dance , costumes , comedy etc.....

  38. velayutham 1st half ok... after interval i cant sit... they copied vijayakanth movie scenes like train scene... anniyan too cpoied... 2nd half sema bore...

  39. like all vijay movies,,, same story line... fights .. songs..etc... but people like him...may its a copy his old films ... even it is a good entertainer.... people will wach it..

  40. Krish,

    the film was very good while compare to 7 sense, eventhough im not vijay fan. VIJAY is back in action.

  41. who the fcuk is saying about vijay
    who all are teasing vijay flim valayutham hey are the moka fans of surya
    the next superstar is
    ilayathalapathi vijay
    super duper velayutham
    :) blokbuster of the year

  42. to all surya fans...
    u al say dat vijay s doing al remake muves... yea he do it... since he do remakes of telugu films evry1 knws dat he s doing remake... and also he accepts dat he s doing a remake film... bt othr heros including surya... copying eng films... and many of u doesnt knw dat... evn 7am arivu s d story of assasin's creed... and dey v'll say dat its a new concept...
    vijay panna copy... surya panna inspiration uh???
    thnk wel b4 u talk...

  43. 7th sense pathutu my frnds lost their sixth sense. . padama adhu ponam da ponam

  44. fucking pundai vijay devuduya maga....same formula...saves all innocent...plzzz somebody kill him tamil industry can grow in differemt direction.///

  45. velayudham mass entertainer this diwali...

  46. vijay is the best ..surya al waste piece

  47. Velayutham is not as good as 7am arivu. Surya rocks!!!!!!!!!! Vijay is the worst actor!!!!!

  48. It`s a competition between the actors and it`s not a conflict between the fans or viwers.So, appreciate the performance not the personalities.

  49. weii mudhikittyu velaiyai paarungo

  50. aden mathew ading un chuthle en chuni. soootha mudinu picture pathama nalairundhichina nallaruku illaya vitttidu atha vititu mathavanga chuthu poola punda pathila enda pesure.gandu ennda ippidi erukinga.first ungala serupaleye adikanum. poi parangada vijayyam surayvayum avannga nallathanda friends tha erukanga. neengaennda adchikiringa nan rendoo peroda padathilayum vellasenjiriken yarrum kastapadame illa. poitu vunga vellya parungada. main aden mathewku sollern next ne ithule edanaa thapanaana words use pannin erunthatha parthen ne avalavutha da poramboku naye

  51. vijay will not cum as super star.he's the worst actor.he's not a good entertainer.

  52. I liked the comedy........specially the scene where Vijay sees Jeeny's boops and when she scolds Vijay he shows his!!!!!!!!!!!! very funny

  53. Thalapathi ya pathi thappa pesunavan avanga amma va kuutti kotukarathu samam poda koya olukka avanga amma mulaiela nan vanthu pal kutipen avanga amma pocha virichu en sunni ya etuthu pocha vitu pocha kilichut├║ven by nanban in nanban sura

  54. Appudi podra sakka


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