Vanitha third marriage affects her 20 year old son Vijay Sri Hari

Vanitha Vijayakumar son Vijay Sri Hari's reaction on Vanitha's third marriage. Check out Vijay Sri Hari Pictures
Vanitha third marriage affects her 20 year old son Vijay Sri Hari
Vanitha Vijayakumar's third marriage with filmmaker Peter Paul is not a normal marriage. Ever since the couple married, Vanitha Vijayakumar's life is embroiled with controversies.

Though Peter's first wife Elizabeth Helen living separately for years, Peter is still legally married to Elizabeth. Elisabeth Helen lodged a police complaint stating that she has not given divorce yet and wants her husband back for the sake of her two children. She and her son are seeking to reunite with him.

Netizens trolls Vanitha for breaking a family and tying the knot with a married man. Several film celebrities like Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Kasthuri, Kutty Padmini, and Ravindar reacted to her marriage and gave their advice. But she Vanitha doesn't want anyone to interfere in her person life and replied that she has the ability to take care of her own life and her two daughters living with her.

Recently, a leading Tamil weekly reported how Vanitha's marriage affects his first husband and Television actor Akash (aka S.Anand). Akash mentioned that he and his son Vijay Srihari are totally stressed by the media glare on the issues.
Vijay Sri Hari Vijay
Vijay Srihari is the firstborn child of Vanitha and Akash. She married Akash in September 2000 and the boy was born in May 2001. The couple got divorce in 2007. After legal battles and drama on the custody of their son, in 2011 family court ordered that he would stay on with the father while the daughter Jaynitha will move in with the mother. Akash has a smooth relationship with Vijayakumar and family. Vijay Srihari was living in his grandfather Vijaykumar house for a while before moving with his dad.
Vanitha third marriage affects her 20 year old son Vijay Sri Hari
Akash shared with the media that Vijay Sri Hari has completely shut himself down from the outside world including social media as people tend to ask him his opinion regarding the Vanitha-Peter Paul marriage and the issues because of that. He has even gone to the extent of saying that both himself and his son are close to depression every time there is a controversy involving Vanitha.

Akash who was a popular television and film actor in the 2000s quit the entertainment space to concentrate on real estate business as he did not want to be embroiled in any of the media attention.


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