Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Jithan Ramesh is the first eviction of this week, one more tomorrow

Jithan Ramesh is the first contestant getting eliminated this week and one more contestant will be eliminated in Sunday's episode
Jithan Ramesh is the first eviction of this week, one more tomorrow
Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 is approaching 70 days and the first wicket is out from Rio-Archana group as Jithan Ramesh is out from the Bigg Boss house today.

As predicted, the promotional video released earlier the host Kamal Haasan has confirmed that one contestant will be evicted on Saturday, and another on Sunday. Nisha, Som, Shivani, Gaby, Ramesh and Ramya faced the eviction this weekend.

One of the contestant in the nomination list, Jithan Ramesh got eliminated today and there will be another elimination tomorrow. According to a recent report, Nisha will be eliminated in tomorrow's episode.

As of yeaterday, news sources reported that Nisha and Som were expected to be evicted as they got reduced support for them from the audience because of groupism.

In today's episode, Ramesh was asked to leave the house from the confession room without meeting the fellow housemates. Archana seems disappointed after Ramesh was evicted as someone from her love group is out.

So far, Rekha, Velmurugan, Suresh Chakravarthy, Suchitra, Samyuktha, Sanam Shetty and Jithan Ramesh have been evicted from the show.


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