Lip-Lock scene between Prasanna and Oviya in Pulivaal

Prasanna and Oviya
Oviya, who plays one of the three heroines in Pulivaal, has revealed doing the famous liplock scene with her co-star Prasanna.

Prasanna and Oviya have done a steamy liplock scene in Pulivaal and the actress herself has confirmed it. She said that the original version of this remake, Chaappa Kurishu, did have such a scene and Remya Nambeesan had acted it out.

Oviya made it clear that she had no qualms over doing that scene as she was sure that it was very essential for the film and the director would shoot it without making it look vulgar. Happy over the way it had been shot by Marimuthu, Oviya opines that fans would realise that it had been shot aesthetically once the film hits the screens.

Pulivaal, which is a remake of this Malayalam blockbuster, also stars Vimal, Ananya, Iniya, Sarath Kumar, Soori and others in important roles.


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