Vanitha Vijayakumar son Vijay Sri Hari says Mom tortures him

Vanitha’s son Vijay Sri Hari, for the first time, addressed the media persons along with his paternal grandmother Maheshwari. The 9-year-old alleged that Vanitha and her second husband Anandarajan ill treated him during his stay with them. He said that Anandarajan and Vanitha are drunkards and would demand that he fetch ice cubes for them.

Vijay Sri Hari said that he would never go back to his mother as she always remained a mute spectator when Anandarajan tortured him. When asked about the torture meted out to him, he said that his step father’s mode of punishment was to make him kneel.

He said that if the court orders him to go with Vanitha, he would create a ruckus right in front of the judges that he prefers to live with his father Akash.


  1. i wish and pray that Vanitha Vijayakumar begets her 9 year old son back and the happiness returns in their family. let her anguish rest. let her breath some fresh air pl. god bless.


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