Vanitha Vijayakumar goes fight with Lakshmi Ramakrishnan on twitter

Vanitha Vijayakumar condemns Lakshmi Ramakrishnan not to interfere in her marriage and stop commenting.
Vanitha Vijayakumar slams Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Vanitha Vijayakumar got married to Peter Paul on 27th of June month and it is the third marriage for Vanitha Vijayakumar and second marriage for Peter Paul, many people reacted in various ways for the marriage ceremony of the actress.

Controversy has erupted when Peter’s first wife, Elizabeth Helen, filed a complaint at the Vadapalani police station, alleging that Peter, father of two was married to Vanitha with out taken a divorce from her.

Meanwhile 'Solvadhellam Unmai' anchor, activist and actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan shocked by the news and expressed her opinion on twitter saying "I just watched the news!! The man is already married and having two kids, not divorced!!! How can someone with education and exposure make such a blunder?!! Shocked!!! Why did the first wife wait till the #VanithaPeterpaulWedding got over, why didn’t she stop it?."

Another tweet reads, "I actually was hoping, she settles down well in this relationship, she has gone through tough times and has been vocal about her experiences. Everyone wanted her to be happy, but sad that she didn’t look into this part!!!..Unless women understand the true meaning of #Empowerment nothing is going to change! #Disgusting"

Do you think Vanitha will be calm after reading that tweet. Yes, definitely not!

Though Lakshmi expressed her concern in support for Vanitha, Vanitha slammed Lakshmy Ramakrishnan in a series of tweets, reads, "thank you for your concern ...I am very well.educated and legally knowledgeable...I can handle my life as I always have fine.without anyones support...BTW I don't need u to.approve or support my decisions...kindly stay away its not a public issue..its not ur show keep ur business with the poor innocent public who become scape goat in ur show where you act as a judge to.make money have no business to.comment.. Take of ur life...good luck to u...emove ur tweet and for once mind ur own business..ur not in #biggboss show or ur nonsense family spoiling shows"

Next one reads, "You are not legal counsel or authorized to discuss other people personal in any public platform.the woman who is involved has a family who she lives with past 7 years who will ensure her safety and stop poking ur nose please..If you really had concern you should have called me or DM me.instead of using this situation for your antics and publicity...As I told u already this is not ur show.I am knowingly or unknowingly involved we will sort it out.we don't need ur voluntary moral policing"

And another one supporting Peter,
"There are always 2 sides to a story.especially in a dispute between a couple.just because one person chose to suddenly grab limelight and speak utter rubbish it doesn't become a true story.just because one person is decent enough to respect the children privacy and doesn't open...Up and talk openly doesn't mean they are a wrong person.let the law takes its course.u and I are mere spectators and have no right to comment...Do u know why 2 people get separated or divorced. It is not your business to be concerned in any way as your not involved in this are all.I myself am not interfering in their personal.kindly mind your own business and keep your concerns regarding someone you hardly know to urself."

Lakshmy came back with "Sure, my concern was not just about you, but also about his first wife and children. You are bold and can handle all this, but what about her? She is asking for support from public & I spoke only against remarriage without legal divorce, as it is generally accepted, social norm. I never judged or commented on your personal choices , wanted only happiness for you. But, when someone breaks a social norm, legalities, the society , including me will question that decision, ONLY THAT DECISON - REMARRIAGE WITHOUT LEGAL DIVORCE- Nothing else. I have a humble request, we can limit our debate to only the legal & social angle in the private matter. Let us not judge or brand someone, it is not fair. Pls maintain decorum when you debate/ discus & NO personal attacks/ character assassination pls."

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who wants to stop this hatred speech from Vanitha tweeted "Can we stop discussing #VanithaPeterpaulWedding pls... I tweeted my opinion because of the need to raise voice against remarriage without legal divorce. When I touch upon a more important issue like abuse, rape or the recent death of father & son, I don’t get so much response!"

Vanitha's mind voice, "ufff, now i can sleep happily..."


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