Mookuthi Amman (2020) - Movie Review

Check out the critics and audience review of Mookuthi Amman which released directly on OTT platfotm HotStar for Diwali 2020
Mookuthi Amman (2020) - Review

Cast: RJ Balaji,Nayanthara,Urvashi,Smruthi Venkat
Production: Vels Film International
Director: NJ Saravanan, RJ Balaji
Music Director: Lleon James


'Mookuthi Amman', is a satire that wants to expose fake godmen and involves a Goddess herself coming down to earth. The movie revolves around a middle class family, led by Engels Ramasamy (RJ Balaji). He is a television host and news presenter who works hard for his livelihood and to take care of his family. He takes care of his mother (Urvashi), three younger sisters, and his grandfather (Moulee).

In an unusual turn of events, their family deity - Mookuthi Amman (Nayanthara) appears in front of them as a woman. Mookuthi Amman to make use of this family's help to end a fake Godman's false propaganda and fraudulent activities. Did Mookuthi Amman help the lives of Engels Ramasamy's family and did she succeed in her mission against Bhagavathi Baba, forms the rest of the plot.

Critics Review

'Amman' Nayanthara and RJ Balaji deliver an entertaining family treat this Deepavali.
2.75 / 5 ()
A superb Urvashi and Nayanthara in a somewhat middling dramedy. Part-comedy, part-social drama and part-Amman film, is well-intentioned and has several LoL scenes, but doesn’t come together as a whole
Srivatsan S ()
Mookuthi Amman is a harmless entertainer with a social message, and would have worked better with an interesting screenplay and exciting scenes.
2.25 / 5 ()
No dull moment in this Nayanthara-starrer. Nayanthara looks regal, but it is not enough, as she takes her character too seriously. The main problem with Mookuthi Amman is that it suffers from an identity crisis.
2.5 / 5 Manoj Kumar R ()
A time pass entertainer with commendable performances and a topical message!
2.75 / 5 ()
Nayanthara and Urvashi steal the show; RJ Balaji brings the house down with one-liners. It delivers the message it intends to, in an effective way, by taking potshots at superficial belief systems, political parties which resorts to divisive politics, and so on.
3.5 / 5 Thinkal Menon ()


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