Bigg Boss Tamil S4: Aajeedh to get evicted this week? Aari, Rio saved today

The fourth season of the reality game show 'Bigg Boss Tamil' is entering week 12 and one more contestant will out from the show on Sunday
Bigg Boss Tamil S4: Aajeedh gets evicted this week;

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is at the end of week 11 and completed more than 75 days. With only three week remaining for this season, there are 10 contestants still inside the house.

Earlier this week, housemates nominated Aari, Aajeedh, Archana, Anitha, Shivani, Rio and Som for this week's elimination through open nominations, which is the first open nomination for this season.

Bigg Boss viewers already predicted that Aajeedh or Archana might get eliminated this week after the nomination list was out early this week.

In today's episode Kamal Hassan saved Rio and Aari from this week's elimination. That leaves one of the contestant among Anitha, Shivani, Archana and Aajeedh will be shown getting out from the house in Sunday's episode.

Per the latest reports, Aajeedh got the least number of votes and will be leaving the house. It was earlier speculated that VJ Archana secured the least number of votes and said to be eliminated.

Meanwhile, in Friday's episode, Archana wins the captaincy task and become the captain of the house for next week. If Archana gets eliminated this week, Bigg Boss fans expected Ramya to become the caption again because she got the second place in the captaincy task.

Let's wait and watch Sunday's episode to know who is coming out or if they enters any secret room.

Here is the list of contestant in the elimination list (in the order of highest votes to least):

  1. Aari
  2. Rio
  3. Shivani
  4. Anitha
  5. Somshekar
  6. Archana
  7. Aajeedh
Aajeedh was supposed to get eliminated from the show on the third week of show, but luckily he escaped the eviction using an eviction free pass. It was believed that Archana got saved from the eviction on a narrow margin.

Earlier this week, Aari's fans were disappointed as his Bigg Boss voting missed call number was not working for few days, and a section of media were reporting that he might get eliminated.

Here are the contestants eliminated from the Bigg Boss 4 so far.

  1. Nisha  
  2. Ramesh  
  3. Sanam  
  4. Samyuktha  
  5. Suchitra  
  6. Suresh  
  7. Velmurugan  
  8. Rekha 


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