Simbu and Nayanthara back together again!

There are strong rumors in the winds that Simbu has approached Nayanthara to appear in the Love Anthem that he is working on.
Since Nayan has decided to don the greasepaint once again, Simbu is said to have offered her the chance.

Nayan, sources say, is contemplating on joining the star as she feels the Love Anthem would give her a lot more publicity than a movie.

However, this news has not been confirmed either by Simbu or by Nayan. It is worth mentioning here that there were rumors that Simbu wanted the actress for an item number in Osthe, but this was denied by both of them later. Eventually, Mallika Sherawat was seen gyrating for that song along with Simbu.

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  1. d'ont together with nayan many girls are waiting for u.d'ont d'ont

  2. Dai pota simbu ...... Nee our waste kuthi da.... Nayanthara valga....



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