'I have decided to take a long rest' - Nayanthara plans to quit acting?

http://tkada.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/nayanthara-latest-hot-glamor-photo-gallery-1.jpg Nayanthara has started to reduce her films. Her films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada were recently released and were great hits. Because of this she has become the number one actress of the year. Her salary has also escalated.
Offers are pouring on her. But she has not accepted any new films. Now she is acting only in one Telugu film titled Ram Rajyam. She declined to act in a film which had Venkatesh in the lead role. There is also news that she is likely to marry Prabhu Deva and has also plans to settle in Dubai after her marriage and that is the reason that she is not accepting new films.
When asked Nayanthara whether she is going to quit acting, she said," I have decided to take a long rest. There is nothing more to tell. They had called me to act in Savithri which had Venkatesh in the lead role. Though I liked the story, I was not able to act in it because of my personal reasons.
I have understood the difference between the personal life and cinema life. Now I am very happy and heart contended. All the films which I have acted were great hits. I got lots of appreciations. I expected that the film Boss Engira Baskaran will be a great hit when director Rajesh narrated the story to me.
My character was also good in the film. I am donning the role of Seetha in the film Ram Rajyam. This film is Ramayana story. The Lava Kusa portions are only being shot. This film is a remake of the old film which had Anjali Devi had acted. I am doing the role which Anjali Devi did in the original version."


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