Kanden Music Review

Cast:Santhanu, Rashmi Gautham, Santhanam, Vijayakumar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Muthukalai
Direction:A C Mugil
Music:Vijay Ebanesar

‘Kanden’ is an upcoming romantic comedy film written and directed by Mugil, and produced by TCS. It stars Santhanu Bhagyaraj and Rashmi Gautham in lead along with Santhanam, Vijaykumar, Ashish Vidyarthi and others.
The film introduces a new music director Vijay Ebenezer who was an associate of Harris Jayaraj. Vijay Ebanesar was an evangelical composer debuting in films. Though his background is very alien to his present job, Vijay has learned things fast. All the songs of ‘Kanden’ are very filmy and have no trace of his religious music.
Popular lyricists and popular singes have featured in the songs. From the veteran Vaali to the currant sensation Thamarai have written the lyrics. All the happening singers of the new generation have lent their voices. The only conspicuous factor in the album containing really good songs is that it has the stamp of Harris Jayaraj in all.
‘Kanden’ album was released by Harris Jayaraj on December 9, 2010 in the presence celebrities like Suriya, K. Bhagyaraj and Yuvan Shankar Raja. The curiosity factor over this album was high as it is the first audio of the new music label Photon Kathaas founded by Gautham Menon.

1. Enge En Idhayam 
Singers: Dr.Burn, Krish & Prashanthini
Lyricist: Thamarai
A breezy romantic number with a rhythmic tune is for good listening. Lively beats curving through out the song keeps the spirit on a high. Even violins are backed by lovely beats. The beats are well paced and the voices flow in tandem. The governing Krish and the reactive Prashantini ooze romance.  Dr. Burn’s flashing rap sessions are also tuneful.

2. Oru Paaravai 
Singers: Gurupriya & Krish
Lyricist: Krish
Another freely flowing melody from the new comer that has a similar pulse that of the Kandene song
Tender flute gives a romantic night effect. The haunting tune and neat use of the singers seems heavily inspired from Harris Jayaraj. Gurupriya is amazing in the support of Krish. Classically engaging like a Bombay Jaishree song under Harris.

3. Narmada 
Singers: Haricharan & Suchithra Karthik Kumar
Lyricist: Krish
This is a trendily fast paced feel good romantic number. The later part of the song is very yippee.
Guitars play a character and the arrangement has understood the pulse of the youth. Haricharan is dominating yet Suchitra holds her forte. Suchitra’s voice is feministic romantic and that is lovable.

4. Ninivugal 
Singer: Devan Ekambaram
Lyricist: Ravindran
 A sweet melody that will grab your attention in spite of its length.  Devan has a peculiar ability to bring in some delightful nuances as he has done in many of his numbers for ARR.

5. Aa Haa 
Singers:  Krish & Ujjayinee
Lyricist: Thamarai
Another Krish brand of song. Ever sine his ‘June Ponal’ became a rage you just feel all his songs are similar. But every time he surprises you. ‘Aa Haa’ is one song which has got everything almost perfect. Neat guitars and beautiful arrangements and Krish make this song a terrific experience. Ujjaiyanee is content with supporting Krish.

6. Yavarukum Thalaivan 
Singers:  Chinmayi & Senthil Dass
Lyricist: Kavignar Valli
“Yavarukum Thalaivan” sounds a Christian devotional in a folk background with traditional instruments playing the tune. A novel combination works out here well.  Timeless Kavignar Valli is seen with his original strength. Chinmayi is as usual great.

7. Casanova 
Singers:  Rahul Nambiar, Samcy & Sheeba
Lyricist: Ravindran
Again a Shorty Indipop, may be for the dance floor. Rahul Nambiar, Samcy & Sheeba gives a heady party mix with a dose of English lyrics. A genre for its kind of lovers.
Overall, the album has the sign of Harris Jayaraj in every bit. Vijay Ebanezar like his master has used guitars and drums explicitly. Though the music is fresh sans experiments you cannot stop the feeling of a revitalizing mix of all Harris Jayaraj all time hits so far.

In spite of Harris Jayaraj, this Vijay Ebanezar’s maiden album is thoroughly pleasing and enjoyable. He is a welcome addition to Tamil music industry.


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