Sibiraj's image makeover in 'Santhu Pottu'; Starting his production house
Sibiraj’s image makeover
Very few actors in the industry believe in making an effort to re-invent themselves; Sibiraj is one of them. The actor is currently busy with Saanthupottu, a raw, rustic and realistic drama. ‘My next offering is Saanthupottu, an action film set in a village. It’s a very different kind of role for me. A very rugged look, unlike any I have done so far,’ he said.
After completing this, Sibiraj is also planning to launch his own production house. ‘After this we are looking at working on our home production for which we are listening to stories. We are yet to zero in on a script. If anyone out there has a good story I am ready to listen. Also I am open to act in any language — Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi or Malayalam — so long as the script is good and the role offered to me is interesting,’ he added.
So what kind of roles fascinates the actor? ‘I love action roles, but I will not restrict myself to action roles. I am ready to do anything as far as the script is good,’ he concluded.


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