Still no heroine for Director Sasi's Bharath in ’555′

Director Sasi's last film, the critically acclaimed ‘Poo’, happened in 2008 and the director wasn't in a hurry to start his next.
Sasi took his time and recently announced a film titled ’555′ with Bharath. But again there was no sign of the film progressing.
When we quizzed about it, the people in the know said the inevitable delay is because the director hasn't found a suitable heroine for the story.
The story demands an actress who does not carry an image and so the director wants only new face. The casting team went to all the big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad but still could not find a girl unanimously acceptable to the creative team.
Some were screen tested and rejected later because the director Sasi and cameraman Rajashekar differed. So the shoot has been postponed further which otherwise would have started last month itself.
But Sasi hopes high on the film and even says ’555′ would do for Bharath what ‘Ghajini’ did for Suriya. The film is a 10 crore mega budget romantic action thriller produced by Senthilkumar under the banner Dream Makers.

Source: Indiaglitz


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