'Thenmerku Paruvakatru is a lesson, not able to control my tears' - Sneha

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_9eem9ISZBQE/TQM-iUp9SkI/AAAAAAAAGoM/nh5_8WCALhk/s640/thenmerku+paruvakatru+movie+stills756.jpgSneha after seeing the film Thenmerku Paruva Katru became very emotional, hugged and appreciated actresses Saranya and Vasundhara for their excellent performance. Sneha while speaking after seeing this film said," When I saw the film I was not able to control my tears.
After a long time I got the satisfaction of seeing a wonderful nativity film. There is no pomp, double meaning dialogues in this film. Seenu Ramasamy is to be appreciated very much for making such a realistic nativity film. Romance blossoms between a village shepherd and a girl from a thief family.
Right from the time the romance begins and how it develops is something new which no one has so far ventured. There is a kind of fear within us that what will happen to their struggle for love. New face Vijay Sethupathy has donned the role of Murugan while Vasundhra has donned the role of Pechi.
They have lived exactly as village lovers. Saranya has donned the role of a mother. She lived the role and I have not seen such a role in Tamil cinema. I was taken back because of her boldness and beauty. Awards are really waiting for.
 I am wondering whether I will be getting such a role. All the roles are beautiful, Music is beautiful. Camera is beautiful. I should also appreciate the producer Sibu Isaac who had come forward to produce and also producer Michael Rayappan who has released the film. I request the audience who wants quality films to definitely to see Thenmerku Paruva Katru."


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