Rajini's 'Rana' 3rd Heroine, Rajini to pair with ever green beauty Rekha

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yester year’s actress ever green beauty Rekha
Rajini's Rana seems to be in news every other day for the new happenings taking place in the cast. It was just two days ago we heard that Bollywood queen Madhuri Dixit has turned down the offer. Now the offer landed with yester year's actress ever green beauty Rekha. The film makers have approached her to play the pair for elder Rajini.
Madhuri Dixit said that she rejected Rana because she was not satisfied with the role offered. In her social networking account she disclosed "Would have loved to do a film with Rajinikanth, but the role was that of his sister…need to wait for the right role."
The pair of Rajini and Rekha has earlier worked in Hindi films like 'Bulandi in 2000 and Phool Bane Aangaray. Rana is a tri lingual film to be made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
Seema like this combo might workout as they have already shared the screen for a couple of films.


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