'Siva Poojayil Karadi' apt title says 'Mirchi' Shiva

For 'Mirchi' Shiva, the Akila Ulaga Superstar of 'Thamizh Padam', he was not ready to believe that it was really a phone call from veteran Rama Narayanan when he was approached to play the lead role in 'Siva Poojaiyil Karadi'.
"I initially thought some friends were playing prank on me. But soon I realised that it was really Rama Narayanan sir. He said that he was planning to remake a Malayalam movie and wanted to know whether I would be interested to be part of it," says Shiva.
"It was a full-length comedy caper and I immediately expressed my consent," the RJ turned actor says and adds: "To my surprise, Rama Narayanan completed the entire shoot in just 25 days."
Shedding more light on the movie, he says, "Quite apt to the title, I would appear as myself till the interval and in the latter half, I would become a bear. Everything would be made clear in the climax."

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