Lingusamy has decided to drop Mysskin-Arya film 
Mysskin's forthcoming film with Arya is being put on hold even before its launch.
Director and Producer Lingusamy, who was impressed by the film Nandhalala, have decided to give a film for Mysskin as he the director who has distinct identity in Tamil cinema. Lingusamy and Mysskin decided to cast Arya as the main lead, which will be produced under his banner Tirupathi Brothers.
But the sudden decision on putting the project on hold is that Lingusamy got dazed with the budget shown by Mysskin. Director Mysskin while discussing the budget with Lingusamy have asked him to pay for his 2-month trip to China, as he can do a research in detail about the martial arts, which would be playing a major role in the film. Mysskin's estimated budget for the film is somewhere around Rs.30 crores.
Lingusamy has decided to drop the film, as 30 crore budget would be too much for him to handle.


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