FEFSI protests for hike in wages

A protest was staged in Chennai on Monday by members of the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI), urging a hike in the wages of daily workers, due to the rise in the prices of all essential commodities.
The agitating members also demanded the federation to take immediate steps to ensure that they get their pending salaries soon. "We are suffering from a lot of problems. But our leadership is turning a deaf ear", they said.
"A hike in the wages was pending for a longtime now. However, despite our innumerable requests, the federation is not taking care of our interests. We demand immediate intervention of president V C Guhanathan", they said.
Meanwhile, Guhanathan has assured that the problem would be solved soon. The FEFSI has a membership of 23,000, among which 10,000 are daily wagers like make-up men and stunt masters. It regulates the activities of various craft unions of the South Indian film industry.

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