Venghai Movie Review, Vengai Rating (2/5)


Film: Venghai
Cast: Dhanush, Tamannah, Goundamani, Prakash Raj, Raj Kiran and Ganja Karuppu.
Director: Hari
Producer: B. Bharathireddy
Banner: Vijaya Productions
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Review: Venghai is tedious

The standard formula for director Hari's film goes something like this: Take a couple of hundred aruvaals or scythes, add liberal doses of a fiery hero who bashes men and speaks in a monotone about home, values, and family ties. Then mix well with four or five of Devisri Prasad's songs which sound the same, throw in a couple of tea-spoons of glamour in the form of a dazzlingly white heroine, bake in the oven of sentimental melodrama, and serve spicy hot -- with a dash of comedy sprinkled on top.

It works sometimes. In Venghai, though, a Vijaya Production (received with victorious yells by the audience), it doesn't. Hari pretty much goes with the same formula, with large doses of action, and all you can think of is how soon will it end. But first, the factors that actually make some parts of the film watchable.

Raj Kiran. As unlikely as it may seem, this middle-aged man who plays Veera Pandi, wealthy landowner and father figure to numerous villagers, manages to be righteous, just, and fair, without sounding like a caricature. With numerous men at his beck and call, he wields a power that's almost unheard of, with everyone willing to lay their lives at his feet in an instant. And yet, his love for his son Selvam (Dhanush) is a wonderful thing. His tension and anger when he sees his bloodied and battered son, and wants instant retribution, is a nice touch. Such human reactions warm your heart.

The plot-point that connects Radhika (Tamannaah), Selvam's love-interest who, at first simply ignores him and later falls for him, was a smart move, considering how under-utilised heroines usually are. Unfortunately, considering the build-up it is given, this dissipates soon enough.

When he is not mouthing his dialogues in a monotone, Dhanush's acting is quite good. When he opens up and lets his emotions show, whether it is love for a woman or affection for his father, he really does make you sit up. His screen-presence is one factor that keeps you in your seat.

The pity is that the disadvantages rather outnumber the plus-points, beginning with the tired story-line. We are back in the rural wilds of Tamil Nadu that abound in sharp weapons, death, and destruction. Scythes (the preferred weapon of destruction) are raised, blows are given, blood splatters and this sequence is repeated every five minutes. Even worse is the justification for all this mayhem that director Hari puts into the mouths of his leading men: "It's wrong if your raise an aruvaal to kill, but you can use it to defend yourself" – and then back they go hacking everyone in sight without remorse. Every plot twist is predictable. Hari doesn't seem to have been able to concentrate on any one angle and the story goes in every direction without purpose.

By now, Prakashraj must be tired of roles like the one he is called upon to play in Venghai, of the stuttering Rajalingam, a minister whose sole aim in life is to destroy Veera Pandi and Selvam, a la Ghilli. Nothing else seems to matter. He makes several staggeringly idiotic moves and is foiled every time despite the enormous power he wields.

None of Devisri Prasad's numbers ever stay in your mind (despite their previous collaboration, Singham, being a hit). And then there's Tamannaah, who usually appears neatly attired in classy dresses but suddenly takes to wearing skimpy clothes that display her midriff. She looks so dazzlingly white that you want to reach for your sun-glasses.

Ganja Karuppu is supposed to provide some comic relief but his idea of a joke is so lewd and crass it has you squirming in your seat. Equally wasted is Charlie, who makes a welcome return to the big screen, but is given little opportunity to display his talent.

There are fewer punchy dialogues but the ones that do exist make you laugh: "Paruppunna mundhiri, padhavinna mandhiri!" is a hilarious example. No wonder Dhanush sleepwalks through most of his part looking bored.

Vetri's camera-work and V T Vijayan's editing manage to scrape through largely because there is not really much for them to do. Secondary characters like Urvasi, Ponnambalam et al barely make an impact.

Hari does have a knack for conveying sentiment and emotion in his stories, but it is so overlaid with unnecessary bloodshed, repetitive action and predictable plot twists, that after a point you lose interest. Venghai is an overdose of rural action.

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Vengai story:
Vengai is typical movie of Hari’s stamp. It is just the tale of father and son affection and in between comes some action and love which forms Vengai.
Selvam (Dhanush) is the son of Veerapandi (Raj Kiran) who is an influential person in a village in Sivaganga district and does all good for the welfare of the village. Prakash Raj fondly called as Annachi becomes MLA for this region and Veerapandi takes an oath from Annachi to do only good things for the people in the village. However, Annachi brings out his evil image and does all illegal activities to make money and exercise his power. But Veerapandi, who gets angry with his activities, tries to stop them. Selvam who comes to know about his activities takes things in his hands but his father sends him to Trichy.
Selvam comes across Radhika (Tamannah) who is his childhood friend. Both of them within no time fall in love for each other. As Veerapandi is always standing as a problem for his activities Annachi decides to settle Veerapandi scores. From here the Tom and Jerry show starts between them. How Annachi takes revenge on Veerapandi? Will the love life of Selvam and Radhika turn successful? How will Dhanush settle the scores with Annachi? Checkout for the answers on the big screens…….
Dhanush once again wins the hearts of audience with his superb performance as an angry young man. His mannerisms, ease in performing tough fights and gracy dance movements are the show stealers. Overall, Dhanush lived up to the expectations in all aspects.
Speaking about Tamanna, she is a perfect fit for the role of Radhika. She oozes in glamour in traditional outfits too and looked ultra glamorous in songs with skimpy outfits.
Prakashraj was again usually at his best. It looks like words are not enough to praise Prakash Raj as he is the tailor-made for the role of a corrupt politician. He also brought out some laughter which reminds his character in Ghilli.
Raj Kiran played his part well. He brought out anger, agony, frustration and love in right proportions. Comedy by Ganja Karuppu has brought some laughs.
Director Hari yet again proved that he is good at handling mass masala films. His most gripping screenplay and effective narration will impress the viewers. True winner is Hari for his jet speed screenplay.
Vetri’s cinematography is worth mentioning and especially the way he captured the village beauty, songs and action sequences is good. Vijayan’s editing was sharp and made the movie not to loose its grip. Production values are great. Music by Devisri Prasad is peppy and foot-tapping. All the songs were excellently picturised.
For all those who have the heart to enjoy the regular formula based, masala action films…Vengai serves you 100% satisfaction. First half was neatly brought out with the right force for second half by successfully creating a strong conflict between hero and villain. Again the action drama continues in second half. Action based formula movies always have their own stamina to break the BO.
The audiences feel satisfied as Hari has some good moments along with thrilling moments coming out as a surprise in the climax. Action, racy script, strong and gripping narration, power packed performance of Dhanush and Raj Kiran, Tamanna glamour and DSP’s music stand as plus points of the film. On the flip side, the film has a familiar theme in regular style of Hari. Given the good amount of publicity by the team and a word of mouth, Vengai has all the chances to make it big at BO, especially ‘B & C’ centres.
Vengai is a regular action formula film with sundry elements of entertainment sprinkled around. Worth a look-in if you are a fan of Dhanush or Tamanna.
Final Verdict: A power packed action masala entertainer…


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