Yuvan Yuvathi - Music Review

Starring: Bharath, Reema Kallingal
Direction: G.N.R. Kumaravel
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Ram Pictures
Vocals: Vijay Antony, Vijay Prakash, Madhumitha, Haricharan, Snegha, Karthik, Ramya, Krishnan Mahesan, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Lyrics: Annamalai, Kalai Kumar, Priyan

G.N.R. Kumaravel and Vijay Anthony duo is back again, after their hit combination in their debut film, Ninaithalae Inikkum.

They plan to repeat their magic this time around with Yuvan Yuvathi starring Bharath and Reema Kallingal.

Vijay Anthony has put forth seven tracks in the album, which is a mix of trendy and melodious songs.

Oh My Angel…
Singers: Vijay Anthony
Lyrics: Annamalai

Vijay Anthony renders his voice to the aptly high-pitched solo, which is infectious from the first note to the very last.

The instrumentation, lyrics (Annamalai) and the vocal delivery (Vijay Anthony) makes 'Oh my Angel' a prospective hit of the year. Beginning with a burst of energy, the opening title track is a good indicator of neatly orchestrated music.

Mayakka Oosi...
Singers: Vijay Prakash, Madhumitha
Lyrics: Kalaikumar

This song is a breath of fresh air into the realm of melody. The song progresses from a light finger-picked melody and builds itself on with the gradual addition of flute, drums, piano and strings that amaze you how all of the elements fit so well. Vijay Prakash’s stylish rendition and Madhumitha's captivating vocals translate beautifully to produce a mesmerizing song.

24 hours…
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: Annamalai

It is a laid-back hip-hop experimentation by Vijay Anthony, which is sure to appease the youth. It is refreshing to hear hip-hop sounding innovative and a bit south-Indian. Lyricist Annamalai's youthful, catchy lines make it sound interesting. Haricharan lets the beats to do the talking, but is still determined to command the listener's attention.

Vijay Anthony packs his trademark punch.

Kola Kuthu…
Singers: Vijay Anthony
Lyrics: Annamalai

Vijay Anthony and Sneha deliver the high voltage song, but the overall impression is that of the lyrics and vocals being lost in the music. Alas, it is another forced kuthu song, which makes you wonder why the extremely talented Vijay Anthony is always trying too hard to re-master his previous hit, Nakku Mukka.

Un Kannai Partha Piragu...
Singers: Karthik, Ramya
Lyrics: Priyan

The addictive vocals of Karthik glue you to the song right from the beginning note. Ramya hums certain verses, while Karthik is the main show-stealer here. There aren't many singers out there so clearly singing with such refreshing abandon. The floating and mellow lyrics by Priyan and Vijay's peppy composition only add more beauty to
the song. It's a track that is as subtle as it is sublime.

Kadai Poduran…
Singers: Krishnan Mahesan
Lyrics: Annamalai

What can't be denied is that the track easily deserves its place in the play lists of modern-day collegiate grungesters. We have got nice rap composition sprinkled with English versus and professional cool elements mixed up. Krishnan Mahesan gets an honorable mention as a rap enthusiast. This song gets points for its catchy lyrics and hipster vibe.

Singers: Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Lyrics: Annamalai

Vijay Anthony, with his minimal electro throbs and dreamy interludes produce a simple song that is alluring.

Paired with Sangeetha Rajeshwaran's warm, engrossing voice, this song become much more than just a simple melody. The lyrics (Annamalai) dig deep into the emotional territory making it a beautiful soothing song.

Yuvan Yuvathi is a mixed bag for youth, with hippy dance-floor tracks to soulful melodies and peppy numbers that deserves a special appreciation for the efforts put by Vijay Anthony. "24 hours" and "Kadai Poduran" for its youthful spirit and "Un Kannai Partha Piragu" for its scintillating melody are meant to be adored.

Verdict: Yuvan Yuvathi is good collection of youngish and stylish songs.


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