Sona in legal trouble, no witness on SPB Charan sexual abuse? 
Sona Heiden is reportedly in legal trouble. The item girl, who alleged that SPB Charan, the son of legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, molested and abused her at a private party, does not have proper witnesses to prove her charges against him. Thus, the case seems to be reversing on her.

SPB Charan's lawyer has said that Sona Heiden is changing the versions of the story everyday. Her inconsistent statements clearly indicate that the actress' claims are baseless and something has motivated her to make false allegations against her client.

“The actual chaos was in the business transactions. Sona was supposed to produce a film with Venkat Prabhu and she could not produce and complete the film due to financial reasons. Charan was about to take up that project and wanted to proceed with Venkat Prabhu. Sona was asked to agree to a settlement as Charan wanted to produce the movie. But she was not willing. This business dispute is the real motive behind her false complaint.” The Deccan Chronicle quoted Charan’s lawyer Kavitha Dheena Dhayalan as saying.

Sona Heiden has named her driver and a friend of her as witnesses in her complaint. However, the court has not accepted it. It questioned why only her friend and driver and told her to mention other names, who were present at the party.

Meanwhile, the lawyer said that they have filed a defamation case against the actress and they want to prove that she has done it to gain publicity.


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