Vikram’s ‘Karikalan’ few interesting facts!
At least two cities of Chola dynasty are being recreated for ‘Karikalan’, Vikram’s next, which is directed by special effects expert LI Kannan. “The port city of Kaveripoompattinam and the business hub Uraiyur are carefully being recreated,” informs the director.

“With the help of experts, books and technology, we are planning to take the audience to the era of Karikala Cholan, which dates back to more than 2000 years. Karikalan is like Alexander. He was brave, charming and very interesting,” says Kannan, who is excited about the project.

“I am lucky to have Parthi and Vasan as my producers. They don’t mind shelling out money as all they expect is a quality product. And I must thank Vikram, for none other than him could bring Karikala Cholan alive on screen. He is simply superb,” the director says.

“The film will set new standards in Kollywood as far as special effects are concerned. With my experience working in various movies, including Enthiran, I have been giving nothing but my best for Karikalan. Get ready for a time machine journey soon,” he concludes.


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