Dhanush says Only Genelia and Nayanthara suited me

Dhanush Aishwarya 
Actor Dhanush mentioned that though he had acted with many heroines, only Genelia and Nayanthara suited him.
Dhanush who is in cloud nine since he was invited for the Prime Minister for dinner said, “There is no big difference in acting in films directed by other directors and the film directed by my wife Aishwarya. Sometimes she use to bring the direction work to the house.

Because there will be fight between us. These kinds of quarrels take place in all houses. She will definitely continue to direct films. But this will be the first and last film which I will be acting in a film directed by her. I will not act in her films in future. She will continue to direct films produced by other production houses. Many are asking me that who is the suitable pair for me. Physique wise it is Genelia and chemistry wise it is Nayanthara.”


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