KS Ravikumar’s Bollywood movie dropped?

Director KS Ravikumar’s Bollywood dreams seems to be shattered, as the proposed project has been shelved. The filmmaker was supposed to remake Tamil blockbuster Saamy, which starred Vikram, in the Bollywood with Sanjay Dutt enacting the role of a cop.

If reports are to be believed, Saamy, which was titled Thanedaar Returns, has been dropped for some reasons. It was said that Prakash Raj would also play a key role in the proposed project and it was also launchpad of ‘Kolaveri di’ composer Anirduh Ravichander in the Bollywood.

A production house source claims that the movie has not been shelved but plans of remaking Saamy has been dropped. It is because there were some copyright issues, which made the movie bosses to shelve it. It also adds that KS Ravikumar will be directing an original film instead of the remake. The movie will take off as planned before.


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