Ameer’s Police Complaint on Telugu ‘Paruthiveeran’!

Director Ameer met the Commissioner of Police yesterday to lodge a complaint against Gemini Lab and the production house Studio green who are planning to release the dubbed version of 'Paruthiveeran' in Telugu on the 2nd of March.

After submitting his complaint to Mr. J K Tripathy, the Commissioner, Ameer briefed the media saying, "I have lodged my complaint against Gemini Lab and Studio green for cheating me by releasing the film 'Paruthiveeran' in Telugu without my knowledge and permission. I have urged the Commissioner to take action against Gemini Lab and the producer and stop releasing the film without paying royalty to me."

It is learnt that the director had given a letter that the Lab and the production house should not release the film without his permission or paying royalty as he was the writer and director of the film. The Lab and the production house had also agreed to Ameer and promised that they would not release the movie. Now, they are releasing the film without consulting him.

There is also another case that Ameer had filed against the producer that he would also get a share in the profit of the film as he had also invested a sum in the production of the film. But, the producers are agreeing with this. The case is still on in the court.

The critically acclaimed and blockbuster movie 'Paruthiveeran', a 2007 release, was a trendsetter movie that opened the floodgates for many village based subjects in the industry. The film won National Awards including one for Priya Mani, who played the female lead.


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